Which is Better DTU vs NSIT vs IIIT?



I want to which college i should join this year .
Please tell me in detail in terms of lifestyle, placement, freetime and any thing you know about the college


Selection of college depends on various factors. First of all you need to know if course in which you are interested is available in particular college or not. Not all colleges offer all courses.

If course is available in all colleges you can join any of the above colleges are all are equally good.

Lifestyle is good in all of them, DTU / NSIT seems to be more active in cultural or entrepreneurial activities. Placement records are similar. For IT jobs i think the priority should be IIIT Delhi > NSIT > DTU for other fields core jobs you can go for DTU > NSIT (IIIT Delhi does not offer many courses)

Not sure if college gives free time in schedule, but you will get enough time to do anything you want as these are colleges not schools.


IIITD is far far better as far as faculty, env, infrastructure and curriculum is concerned. If you’re serious about CSe/ECE join IIITD.


IITs anyday!
Refer: http://www.quora.com/What-really-is-the-difference-between-IITs-and-other-Indian-colleges


i scored 68.6% in 12th and 80 marks in jee main so can i get admission in delhi technical university


Sorry for late reply. Please tell me your All India Rank ( AIR), Category as well as State Domicile so that I can help you with the query.