When will CBSE declare JEE Main 2015 Result? - Latest Updates



Students are waiting anxiously for JEE Main 2015 results. JOSAA counselling 2015 has also been postponed due to delay in declaration of JEE Main 2015 AIR by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

For all the eager students, this thread has been started for all of you to discuss about JEE Main 2015 results.

As per latest news reports, CBSE is going to announce result very soon. Though some news channels are speculating a long delay, we believe that JEE Main 2015 result will be announced anytime now.

In such a time, student must not panic. Be patient, results are going to be announced very soon.

Stay tuned to JEE Main Result 2015 and All India Rank to check your results.

30 June 2015 [13:45 IST] - JOSAA has again published a revised schedule. According to the new calendar of events, JOSAA registration will begin on 30th June. This means that they expect CBSE to announce JEE Main 2015 result today only. Till date however the coordination between JOSAA and CBSE seems to be less than clear. There is hardly any coordination between the activities of the two so far.

Again, our best wishes to the students. We will keep updating with news and updates here. Don’t panic :smile:


JEE Main 2015 Result All India Ranks have finally been announced by CBSE.

You can now check your rank! Go to http://admission.aglasem.com/jee-main-result/

Best of luck!