What is the change in activation Energy with Increase in temperature?


I’ve read that Activation energy is independent of temperature. I understand the logic too why it is independent. But 1 of my chem teachers says that temperature rise decreases the Activation Energy, while my other chem teacher says that activation energy is independent of temperature.

I understand that it should be independent and believe it to be true. While in books I find contradicting material (some say Independent while others say otherwise).

My Question is what answer is acceptable to CBSE? I’m a studious student and don’t want to lose marks. Please advise


@rohanrathi08 Here is the answer.

On Increasing Temperature, Activation Energy of a reaction Decreases because Temperature and Activation Energy are Inversely Proportional to each other.

This is the correct answer as per the CBSE Marking Scheme and Syllabus. If you write this answer you will get full marks in that question.


The minimum energy requirement that must be met for a chemical reaction to occur is called the activation energy, Ea.