What are your views on NEXT Exit Test?



As per latest introduction to draft bill, after MBBS, students have to appear in National Exit Test or NEXT.

NEXT will substitute three tests if it is held. These include (1) NEET PG which is currently conducted for postgraduate admissions, (2) Recruitment exam for Central Health Services, (3) Foreign Graduate Medical Examination (FMGE).

Another key point presented by government officials in favour of NEXT is that it will act as an indicator for colleges. To elaborate, if a large number of students from a certain college clear NEXT then it will mean that that college has good educational standards.

Know more about NEXT exam here.

In released suggestions in bill, Government has invited comments: General Public is hereby requested to send suggestions / feedback in respect of the draft Bill. Suggestions may be furnished to [email protected] by 06.01.2017.

What are your views on NEXT Exit Test? Do you think it should be introduced? Why or why not? Share your views so that concerned officials can take informed decision!

Are you in favour of NEXT Exit Test?

  • Yes, NEXT will improve standards of medical education in India
  • No, NEXT will only lengthen the process of medical education

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