West Bengal TET 2015 should be re conducted?



The fate of more than 23 lakh candidates is at stake. Yes, approximately 23 lakh candidates took the WB TET 2015 exam for Primary Teachers on 11th October 2015, only to discover later that the paper was leaked.

News channels had a field day showing clips of students looking bemusedly at the question paper that a journalist held up to them outside the exam center.

Journalist (J): Look at this paper. Did any of these questions come in your test?
Candidate ©: (Looking at random questions, raising his eyebrows.) Yes, all the questions were in the paper I just took.
J : This paper was leaked before the exam.
C: What!!

As the cards began to fall on the table, it was revealed by the heavily made up anchor that all the questions of WB TET 2015 were sent by WhatsApp a few hours before the exam and soon went viral online.

WhatsApp has been one big boon for the techno crazy, on the run generation. Connecting people in a way nothing else before it could. But it seems like the miscreants of our progressing India have taken to use it for more creative purposes.

The news of KVS Recruitment Exam 2015 having been leaked through WhatsApp was also splashed across a few news channels a few days ago. Though the authenticity of the report was questionable.

And now this.

The question remains:

Should WB TET 2015 be re-conducted?

Share your views!!

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Now a days every exam paper is leaked, if it is covered by media or some protest is done the exam is re-conducted else not.

Its not just about re-conducting the exam, the question is How to stop the leak of papers?