Updation / Confirmation of Class 12 details for JEE Main 2015



When I try to update / confirm class 12 details, it gives a message “invalid credential”? What does it mean? How can I correct it?

Confirmation/Updation of class 12th details in jee mains 2015

Can you please share the complete process you are following or screenshots here. Are you facing difficulty at very first step “authentication” or later stages?

For updating / confirming details of class 12 you first need to authenticate yourself by providing
JEE Main Application Number, JEE (Main) Roll Number and your Date of Birth in format DD/MM/YYYY.

In some cases, based on data sent by the Boards, the class 12th/Qualifying examination information has been updated.

If you details are already available simply check and confirm. If your details are not available update details by selecting Board, Year of passing and Roll No.

The last date of confirming/updating such records is 10th June, 2015

Copy of Official Notice


Is their any chance to reconform the 12th class marks?


You can login to your account and update marks or confirm the pre-filled marks till 10th June. Once you confirm your marks here, you will not be able to make any changes for now.

Visit Update Board Roll Number in Application Form for more details and link to update the data.


is their any problem if i not conform my class 12th marks i just opened my account and not done any changes and then i conformed without seeing is their any problem


I have not uploaded my class 12th marksheet in confirmation/updation of class 12th details in jee mains and clicked confirm final mapping link. Can any one tell me what should i do now.My board roll which was mentioned there was correct.Plz someone help me


plz help us me to done da same what divanshu done .plz do some help


cbse will display yuor marks. if it is not correct, you may upload your mark sheet before june 23rd.ie you will be given one more chance to correct the marks.