Things one must keep in mind just before an exam


There are various things that one should kept in mind just before an exam. Firstly, we should know the type of eam we are giving. There are various types of exams and every exam has its own level. It can be a school exam, college exam, entrance exam, oral exam, written exam. But every exam has something common in it. Such as :-

  • Be confident on what you have learnt before examination.
  • Don’t panic just before exam.
  • Always be ready with the things that you need in examination.
  • Keep some short reminders with you so that you can read them before exam
  • Do not read new topics just before an exam that you haven’t read yet. It can panic you.
  • Remind only those things that you have learnt. Do not read everything just before an exam.
  • Be relaxed and confident, but don’t be overconfident.
  • Do group discussion or talk with your friend about questions which will be easier for you to remind later.
  • Suppose you are going to give an MCQ in an entrance exam. Keep short notes with you with one answer word pointers in it, so that you can easily read those.
  • Always remember exam is not enemy of yours or it will not bite you. Just be confident on what you have studied.
  • Do not panic after seeing the question paper.
  • Read question properly and make small notes or pointers in your mind.

Column contributor:- Priyanka Monga