Strategy to Score above 85% in 2nd Pre University / 12 Board Exams



What should be my 1 month strategy to score 85% marks in 2nd pre university exam ie 12th board exams for physics, chemistry, mathematics as per NCERT Syllabus and computer science (c++, sql, networking)

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To score high in 2nd PUC exam, you need to have good understanding of the basics in each subject. You can keep the following in mind while preparing.

  • Go through the blue print for model question papers officially published by the board. Check out the marks distribution, and ensure that you have in depth knowledge of the high scoring topics.
  • Of the topics that contribute lesser score, remember to jot down short answer type questions-answers.
  • Definitely practise some past year papers.
  • While attempting the exam, make sure you read the questions thoroughly and completely.
  • While answering questions, do not beat about the bush. Answer precisely, to the point, but in a well worded manner. Some students think that just writing long answers will fetch marks. Don’t follow that philosophy. In fact, if an answer has to be long, try to underline the important points using a light pencil.
  • Do not cross off, or mess up your answer sheet, the examiner gets a bad impression if there are too many cut out answers, or scribbling.

Good preparation of complete syllabus, at least one round of revision, confidence and neat presentation will help you to score the most marks. There is no shortcut to success. Good luck!