Strategy to Crack Design Entrance Exams



I failed to get a seat in any B.Des course this year. I plan to attempt all entrances next year. What should be my strategy during this year .

Should I take admission to any other bachelors course or devote my time solely for preparation for B.Des next year.

In the event I dont get into NID or IIT B.Des next year can you suggest any other 4 years Bachelors course beside B.Des which will allow me to do M.Des in the IITs or abroad.


Practice is the key to success. Try to sketch almost anything and everything you come across.

Browse through various newspapers, magazines and online sites. Take ideas from various advertisements, posters, banners etc., you come across.

Keep your eraser away from you while practicing. It’ll help your lines become more bold and confident.

Give importance to detailing where ever required, like the face of a human figure or the human’s outfits etc.

Try to master the skills of human illustration. Concentrate more in proportions, form etc.

Calligraphy skills come handy in posters, banner design, etc. Learn and practice different styles of lettering as they can come handy.

Stick to the prescribed syllabus of the NIFT entrance exam.

While sketching first make a light sketch and later darken the drawing once you are confident about it. This helps you save time erasing mistakes.


Hi Ashkuk, Here are a few of my suggestions which might help you prepare better. Try to practice drawing with real-time objects and what can be done with it rather than dimensions. Refer question papers from previous exams. For more information, you can check with afdindia which is one of the leading coaching institutes for design exam preparation.