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If you have appeared for SSC CHSL Exam on 16 Nov 2014, Here you can discuses your question paper, marks, or anything else regarding this exam.

If you have doubts and want to know the answer of specific question please post the question here and we will try to solve it at the earliest.

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When will you upload SSC CHSL Answer Key for Paper Code 812 NJ 9? I have many doubts.

Is here anybody with same question paper code?


I think Paper 812 NJ 9 is for Evening Shift exam. Yet morning shift keys are not available, you have to wait little longer. If you have any question you can share here, lets discuses and solve it.


I am waiting for the 16 Nov SSC LDC Morning Shift Answer Key for 555 NN 4


@Ajay Answers keys will come, you can check them once they are available. For now you can discuses your question paper. If you have any particular question which needs to be solved please let me know.


Mam, I have a question to discuss from today’s paper evening set 634 RH7

The present worth of a bill due 7 months hence is Rs1200 and if the bill were due at the end of 2.5 yrs its present worth would be 1016. The rate percent is…
a) 5%
b) 10%
c) 15%
d) 20%

i missed the approach


Sir, a question from today’s evening paper 634 RH7.

If the sides of a triangle is extended in both the sides then the sum of the interior angles so formed in both the sides is
A) 360 degree
B) 540 degree
C) 720 degree
D) 180 degree

Please help me with it


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@Aman_Goenka First answer is 15% and second answer is 360.
Any more question?


Present Worth (PW) = [(100 x Amount) / (100 + RxT)]

Case 1, PW = 1200, T = 7/12
Case 2, PW = 1016, t = 2.5

Putting these values into the equation, we can solve for R to be equal to 10.


Are you sure that’s the exact question. I believe the question refers to all the interior angles formed by extension of sides. If that is the case, solution could be as below.

As you can see in the image above, the angles α, β, γ are exactly same as the one formed inside. Thus the sum of angles is 180.


That’s the correct question. I checked it twice…Thanks for the concept


Ma’am, my SSC CHSL question paper set is 723PG8 (16 Nov evening slot). It is not mentioned here in this site among the four sets of evening.


When will the answer key of SSC CHSL 16 Nov 2014 evening be available? My paper code is 545QP6. Please upload it as soon as possible.


The keys are being uploaded now. Please check in half an hour.


SSC CHSL Result Announced.

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