Request for guidence to become a surgeon


I am at presently in 1st PUC and am interested to become a surgeon when I grow up (any part). Can anybody please guide me as I am not from a “biology” background.


Hey! I am really glad to see that you are so determined at such a yoing age :smiley: Good going!

Step 1 - Options in Class 11

First things first. You need to opt for Biology, Physics, Chemistry in class 11, 12.

Step 2 - MBBS

With a PCB background, you need to start preparing for MBBS entrance exams. You must complete the MBBS degree from a recognized college and complete compulsory internship.

Step 3 - MS

MBBS is graduation, completing that you will need to go for Post Graduation. Complete MS (Master of Surgery) from a recognized college / University.

PS : This thread is open to suggestions. Anyone here who is a practicing doctor, or studying in similar field is requested to give inputs!