Query on Electromagnetic Spectrum


I would like to ask about Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Everywhere there are different values of wavelength and frequency range. So tell me what is right to study: your notes, NCERT, Pradeeps fundamenetal.

Plz give me a reply on my email as soon as possible. Thank you.


Wavelength and Frequency ranges of Electromagnetic Spectrum are given different in NCERT and other places? Can you please cite an example?

For board exams, books recommended by the board should be referred to. If you are in CBSE board, please refer to NCERT.


for your example ‘mam’. microwave:- in ncert:-wavelength is 0.1m to 1mm but in pradep’s fundamental:-wavelength is 0.3m to 1mm. infrared:-in ncert:- 700nm to 1mm but in pradep’s fundamental:- 800nm to 1mm. regularly for all remaining waves this difference is as it is. so what is the sol. for my trouble.


For Board examination students should refer to NCERT only, Marking scheme is made as per NCERT content and thus those answers will be considered correct.


Strictly refer to NCERT for the board examination as all the marking is done as per the information presented in the NCERT Textbooks.
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