PU LLB Entrance 2015 Question Paper and Solutions



Punjab university recently conducted LLB Entrance exam 2015. they have now uploaded their question paper and answer key at the following link:-

there are many errors in the question paper/answer key. The university is playing with the life of students by making such errors. the university has given a limited time frame to report errors and some of the questions are ambiguous and thus interpretations are varied. could you guys please solve the question paper and supply an answer key which has the correct answers according to your expertise? (Specially question number 1,2,8,15,36 & 41). this will be very helpful for all the students who took this exam. the deadline to report errors is 5PM on 26th june 2015. i request you to respond at the earliest. it would also be very helpful if you good give some links that support your answers (act as proof which can be submitted to the university although its understandable if you cant).


Our sincerest apologies for the late response. I have looked into the questions, and in my opinion, the answers could be as follows.

1 -
2 B
8 - Coastal area of odisha
41- A

I am not very sure for questions 1 and 36. Did you get any response for PU regarding your queries?