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When you fill form for entrance exams, you may see two mode of exam. The online mode would be a computer based test wherein questions will appear on the screen of a computer and candidate will have to mark answers. Many students are in the dilemma of whether to choose online exam or offline exam. There are many questions in the mind of aspirant. What are the advantages and disadvantages of opting for online exam? Will the online exam be tougher or easier than the offline exam?

Let us know what you will chose? Select your choice and know what others think about it.

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Still Confused? Let us look into a few key points HERE to know Advantages and Disadvantages of both Online & Offline Exams and help you decide.

Online over offline JEE Mains 2015

I will suggest you to go for Online Mode of Exam. Here are few merits of online exam

  1. You can choose their day and timings of the examination according to the slots available based on their convenience.
  2. The correct answers marked can be changed later in Online exam mode, where as this option is not available in the Offline mode.
  3. Aspirants can practice for online exam before hand with the Online Practice Sheets.


Aspirants of JEE Main 2015 can look below at the number of candidates opting for offline and online mode in the last two years.

Mode       2013    2014
Online     1.71    1.75
Offline    11.85   12.25

Both the offline and online modes of exam have their advantages and disadvantages. You can choose any of the modes as per your comfort level, strengths and weaknesses. It is just the mode of exam and securing good marks will depend mainly on your preparation.


It is good to give offline examination as compared to online. In online test there are some rules like do not use calculaters etc. But regarding students some of them do not care about the rules. In offline the supervisor does not allow this to happen.


In my opinion, online JEE is better because you can change your answer even after marking it.

Every time I appear in an offline exam, I generally get 10-15 minutes to go through the answers in the end or try the difficult questions I left for later. And always I see at least one question which I have marked wrong.

In online exam I will be able to change answers. The wonder of technology :smiley:


You can’t use calculators in online exam as well. There are supervisors in online mode as well. Also on the computer you can only access the test window and no there software or internet.


Yes, Its true that offline exams do place there head over online exams. Because offline exams seems like solving the questions in a similar way you have practiced them. This is result of people filling up offline forms in India more.


@abhi3518nh what i can see from the poll result is that students are willing to go for online exam. Why they end up with offline mode is out of my understanding but stats are showing they want online mode. What are you views?


@avantika If you will see the stats of JEE Mains 2014, you can see that the number of students who preferred offline exams is far more than online exam takers.


@abhi3518nh That is what I was saying. Students prefer online, they want to give online exam. They even suggest others to give online exam. But at the end they opt for offline mode. I don’t know why but I am sure this is not their own choice.


The best part of online exam is that it is conducted after offline exam, and we get to know the question paper pattern before appearing for the exam :smile:


Which Books I have to use for preparation for JEE main 2015, Mostly in Chemistry and Maths.


Here a list of JEE Preparation Books For Reference – for Mains and IIT JEE Advanced at: http://admission.aglasem.com/jee-preparation-books/


What? We can use calculators in online exam? @avantika


No. Calculators cannot be used in any mode of the examination. I have corrected the mistake in the above response.

Use of electronic devices like mobile phone, calculator etc. is NOT PERMITTED in JEE (Main) - 2015. Materials like log table, book, notebook, etc. should NOT be brought into the examination hall.


can people writing the exam on 11th see the 10 th paper?


No, there is no such facility provided by CBSE. However you can check out http://admission.aglasem.com/jee-main-previous-year-question-papers/ on 10th evening. If possible questions papers will be updated here.


Now more and more students are opting for Online exam. Also many exams are completely online and there is no option for pen and paper exam. It better students adopt the habit of online examination. Future is Online!