Planning to get 98% marks


If I plan to get 98% then I will have to bring how many marks out of 40 & 70 or 100
marks in each subject to get this %age?


If you want to get 98% , then you have to achieve 39.5 marks out of 40, 69 marks out of 70, 98 marks out of 100 in each subject.


i calculated n found that i can comit mistakes atmost of 17 marks. but do you think that this will help me in getting that %age?


Are you going to appear in an exam

  • Out of 100 marks; or
  • Out of 40 marks ; or
  • Out of 70 marks?


in all the three exams. tell me the marks that i can bring out of these 3 to get 98%


@Anshum_Jindal has already calculated this for you in above reply