Online over offline JEE Mains 2015



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Number of registered applicants for JEE Main 2015 – 13.03 lakhs

Out of the total, 1.86 lakh students choose to appear for the JEE Main-2015 online exam whereas in 2014 1.71 lakh students registered for the online examination.

The online paper on 10th of April’2015 was very easy as compared to the offline paper, held on 4th April’2015 in which many dedicated students were depressed to see the physics paper which was very tough. And most of the students found it difficult to touch around 10- to 15 questions out of total 30 questions in offline paper as compared to very easy paper in online competition. CBSE should take the steps and normalize the marks of both the modes of examination or they should keep similar paper and dates for both the modes. It is injustice to majority of students…#notFairJEEmains2015

JEE Main 2015 Question Paper Discussion

I am unsure what makes you think the online paper was tougher. Both the papers were equally difficult.


The physics paper of offline paper was too tough and many very good students could not solve 50 % of it.


I could solve 80% of it, and couldn’t solve more than 70% of the online paper. Why? Because the questions that were asked in the offline paper were testing concepts (especially those regarding energy, there were 2 questions which could be done directly using a formula for potential inside a solid sphere, if you didn’t know the formula, it can’t be derived on the spot, it can but it’ll take long.). I prepared Physics the most, and my concepts were pretty clear. However, in the online paper some questions about Dimensions,etc. were actually very tough, and I couldn’t solve them. So, for me, online paper was tougher when it comes to Physics. For some it would have been the other way round. We need to face the fact that toughness of the paper is directly dependent on whether the questions that came were from the topics you’re good at.

Also looking at the paper at home and giving it in the exam hall are 2 different things. I could have easily declared the offline paper a piece of cake, because at the comfort of my home, and in the absence of any pressure, it did seem very easy. In the exam hall, even the easy ones become challenging, and that is true for both the online and offline paper.


Dear Shashwat_Chaudhary,
You may be exception but I am talking about so many, who were also doing good throughout the year felt devastated after giving the offline exam. They might get the score above 200 but if the exam is one then why two different platform and two different papers to make a merit. lakhs of aspiring engineers would definitely suffer as even one mark makes a difference.


Can you please spell the method of setting the question paper that is difficulty level of each question in the paper.


Not like anyone was forced to give offline test. Had it been so then your argument was valid. However, everyone had a choice of which paper to give. Also, online had much lengthier maths than offline (I couldn’t finish the last 10 questions).


The paper and platform should be one to make one merit. My petition is only for that. Nothing else.This is injustice to all types whether online or offline. Normalization is needed if two separate papers were there to make one merit.


no, no that is not true.
both the papers were equally tough.
u say that few gud students could solve only 50% of the paper! On what scale do u classify a student good?
to be precise, offline paper consisted of more of formula based application where in online, one needs to have a strong command over concepts to answer. if less math requirement makes u think the paper was simple, then we must infer that u do not believe that understanding physics is important and in ur opinion, all a class 12 student requires is to pass an entrance examination by rot learning like a parrot. one must understand that the basic motto of education is to prepare for life and not an examination.
moreover, cbse never asked anyone to choose examination mode as “offline”. it even reduced the application fee to encourage digitization of the country.


offfline was a crap online was more difficult go and see the paper its unjustice to online students


I don’t know about difficulty level of 10th. I gave it on 11th. What i can say easily is that physics for 4th was a bit high, however the difference was for me like 5% change only. Maths was kinda similar in both the papers. HOWEVER chemistry, in 4th i took the same test, same day and i was easily able to score 80+ in it without any guesses and thats because in that paper the questions were actually good enough, they didn’t had much cramming part as compared to the one on 11th which had two questions from salt analysis only and many other questions from inorganic too which required pure cramming. Yes there were 10 questions in inorganic on 4th however they didn’t required the special “mugging” of data and could be solved mostly with normal properties.

Now in respect to your question, it is highly unlikely that CBSE is going to ever ever do something like that as Difficulty is relative. It would be unfair to offline students if online students are given more normalized score and vice versa.

Furthermore, what was surely wrong was there were many ambigious questions in JEE Paper to my knowledge on 4th april, so that means that all offline candidates would be getting +12 marks for free YES FREE! No matter if you worked on those questions, wasted time on it or not, you are gonna enjoy those marks.
However, nothing like that was found in online papers. And even if it is then thats a mistake from CBSE which a national board must have been more strictly checked before paper began. The consequences are 4 lakh online candidates are for sure going to lag by 12 marks by 8 lakh offline candidates by 12 marks for sure if they award full marks to offline candidates. This is just wrong and shouldn’t have been done ANYWAY. CBSE needs to accept their fault on this thing, nothing much can be done about it now though except for CBSE accepting their irresponsibility.

And moreover Life is not always fair


Nobody is using two different platform online and offline with two different papers
other than CBSE to make single merit. That should not be done where lots of students would suffer. What is the criteria followed by them to make the paper exactly same difficulty level?