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You can discus / post your queries regarding NTSE Level 1 Exam held in Nov 2015, for which NTSE Level 2 Exam will be conducted in May 2016.

Written exam was held by all states in Nov 2015. NTSE Result 2015 - 2016 of first stage written exam have been declared. Based on the NTSE Level 1 Result, eligible candidates will be able to participate in next stage of NTSE Exam

You can check the announced results or expected dates for remaining results HERE

We will update the NTSE result of all states. In case you have any information regarding result, then please share with us by email - [email protected]

NTSE Level 2 Preparation

Firs to all congratulations, if you have been selected for second level exam to be conducted by NCERT in May 2016. Here I am sharing few tips & resources for NTSE 2nd Level Exam.

Before coming into a preparation mode for NTSE, you must have clarity about the NTSE syllabus and you should sync it with your 10th standard studies. This exercise ensures that your NTSE preparation moves according to what the exam demands and you do not have to put extra effort for NTSE preparation.

Before beginning preparation for NTSE Stage exam, the candidates must know about their existing level of preparedness for the NTSE exam. For this the candidates need to check the NTSE Previous Year Question Papers, and they can evaluate where they stand. This will help the candidates decide how much weightage they have to give to various sections under the limited timeframe they have for NTSE preparation.

When you are preparing for an exam like NTSE, it is better to have clear concepts and for clear concepts nothing is better than studying NCERT study material. So, read the NCERT textbooks thoroughly to give your best performance in NTSE exam.

Group study immensely helps crack this competitive exam. All you have to do is to coordinate with a group of 5-10 friends towards regular studies and practice. When each of your group members comes with 10-20 questions a day, you will be able to learn at least 50-100 questions every day. This promises to be a very fruitful practice.

You may have prepared very well for NTSE, however, it is important that you do regular practice and revision of exercises that you have already learnt. Make it a habit and revise all topics time and again. This ensures you do not forget what you have already learnt. Also, if you are regular at revising and practicing your chapters, you get desirable command on your speed and accuracy during solving NTSE questions. Also Read “why revision is required to remember things”

The last month of NTSE preparation is crucial. At this time, students should give special attention to practice and revision of MAT and SAT topics of NTSE.

To evaluate the level of your preparation, it is important to solve more and more previous year NTSE test papers & NTSE Sample Papers. While solving a set of old test papers, you get accustomed of the type of questions asked in NTSE. If you had been solving NTSE papers, you need not worry about any kind of surprise element during the exam.

It is important to have a seven-to-eight-hour sleep a night before the NTSE exam day. Going early to bed in the night prior to the exam day and getting up early in the morning on the NTSE exam day will relax your mind and body, and you will enter the exam hall with full of energy.

Other Important Resources

Not Got Result in NTSE 2015 despite of enough marks!
NTSE Stage 2 Cut Off

When will Rajasthan’s NTSE stage 1 result be declared?


NTSE Level 1 Result for Rajasthan State generally comes in the month of March.


NTSE Result for Madhya Pradesh State Announced. Candidates can check your result at: http://schools.aglasem.com/36285

NTSE Result for Haryana State Announced. Candidates can check your result at: http://schools.aglasem.com/36292

NTSE Result for Himachal Pradesh State Announced. Candidates can check your result at: http://schools.aglasem.com/50850


Do you have any information about NTSE First Stage Results of Chhattisgarh State?? :confused:


All The NTSE Result for Level 1 Exam held on 02 Nov 2014 will be announced by the end of March 2015


NTSE Result for Karnataka State Announced. All class 10 candidates can check their Marks List for exam held in Nov 2014 at: http://schools.aglasem.com/36287

NTSE Result for Delhi Announced. All class 10 candidates you appeared for Level 1 Exam in Nov 2014 can check their result at: http://schools.aglasem.com/53901


I have a doubt. In my centre the omr sheet was misprinted. All B option were in column C and all C option were in column B. Invigilator’s told us to mark B option in B actually they meant that we have to mark B option in column C but i marked opposite of it i.e. B option in B column. Now should i do?


When will the result of Uttar Pradesh be declared??


Any idea about Uttar Pradesh result for NTSE stage 1???


how much marks u r expecting ??? and wht aout the expected cut off


@vitthal09 You have to follow the instructions given by invigilator, if there is mistake or change for all students on a center. They discus and refer the error and the copies are checked accrodingly. I have not idea what can be done now. Its better to seek information from your state SCERT for the same.

@Anil_Kumar @Siddhant_Goel @prateek_bajpai NTSE Level 1 Result for all states are expected by the end of March 2015.


Sir, may I get to know when will NTSE Tamilnadu results be declared.


NTSE Result for Chandigarh Announced. All class 10 candidates who appeared for Level 1 Exam in Nov 2014 can check their result at: http://schools.aglasem.com/25723

NTSE Result for Daman & Diu Announced. All class 10 candidates who appeared for Level 1 Exam in Nov 2014 can check their result at: http://schools.aglasem.com/25679

NTSE Result for Kerala Announced. All class 10 candidates who appeared for Level 1 Exam in Nov 2014 can check their result at: http://schools.aglasem.com/17485


Do you have any idea of the result of Bihar NTSE :worried: If yes the tell.


NTSE Bihar Result for state level examination is expected by 10th Mar 2015.


I want to know when NTSE Result of Jammu and Kashmir is expected to be declared?


When Puducherry NTSE Result for Level 1 Exam will be announced?


NTSE Result for Punjab Announced. All class 10 candidates who appeared for Level 1 Exam in Nov 2014 can check their result at: http://schools.aglasem.com/16236


Sir tell me what is the expected date for the jammu and kashmir ntse result?