NTSE Preparation Books & Tips



Can anybody tell me the best of reference books for the preparation of NTS exam. Also it would be the great help if someone tells me about the pattern of NTSE?


Here you can get some useful resources for NTSE Preparation - http://schools.aglasem.com/63275

The pattern of written examination for Class X will be as follows:

Stage I examination at the State/UT level will comprise two parts, namely (a) Mental Ability Test (MAT) and (b) Scholastic Ability Test (SAT) covering social sciences, sciences and mathematics.

Stage II examination at the National level will comprise (a) Mental Ability Test (MAT), (b) Scholastic Ability Test (SAT) covering Social Sciences, Sciences and Mathematics.


i want some details for preparation for class 2 students


NTSE is not for class 2 students. Its only for class X students.


In first stage of NTSE state level question come from state board book or NCERT book


Hello @Aryan_Raj,

NTSE State level Questions will be asked based on the syllabus of Class IX and X. For more information, click here: http://schools.aglasem.com/25679