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Here you can discuss the question paper for NSO Level 1 Exam held in Nov 2014.

We have publish the Answer Keys on AglaSem Schools for Set A & Set B. Please note now the official answer keys are published.

If you think there is some mistake in the Answer Key, you can post those questions and we will solve it for you.

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I want the explanation of Answers of Question Number 22 and 32 of class 9 Set B. I think Answer of Question Number 32 is wrong.


With reference to NSO Level 1 exam for Class 3 Set A, I think the answer to Question # 10 given in the keys is incorrect.The correct answer should be D. 23

Question 10. Count the number of straight lines in the given figure:

A. 20
B. 21
C. 22
D. 23


I want Solution of Question 7; Class 9; Set B (Six men a,b,c ā€¦) and also question number 32

Also Question 12, 3 and 1


@Vishal_Watsal For Question #22:

On comparing Jumping of Astronant, He will take longer times to reach the top and a longer time to come down on moon as compared to earth.

Lets assume that your legs can supply the same amount of energy to the jump anywhere.

We know that

U = mgh, which gives us h = U/mg

So we can say that h is inversely proportional to g

This explains that the height you can jump is inversly proportional to gravity. Thus on moon you will be able to jump higher as compare to the earch.

h = U/mg = W/mg

Time to fall from height h is sqrt(2h/g)

As you can see t is also inversely proportional to gravity, thus time will increase. Ans for such events the time taken to reach the top is always equal to time taken to come down from top.

For Question #32: Why you think the answer is wrong, grpah clear shows that they have used drugs, so its the incorrect statement.


@Parul_Madan @pragya_sikka Please provide me the complete questions, without which i cannot solve it.


I think the answer of 10th question of class 10th should be ā€œDā€. Pls Refer. (set A )


@Padmapriya_N Please note that for Set A official keys are released and we have update the same, please check them once to know the correct answer.


I am 110% sure that answer of class 8 set A of 26th question is wrong. Its answer is B but in the answer key it is A.Its wrong correct answer is B


Please refer to the above comment, SET A keys are officially announced. If you think that the official key also have the wrong answer, please state the full question, explain your answer and approach to reach to you answer. If you are correct you can ask SOF to make correction in the keys and award students marks for the same.


Exactly, the question is asking incorrect statement but the answer you posted about the question number 32 is d. which is correct statement according to the question. If you observe the graph clearly the answer should be b because its saying that rakesh and depak both used insulin which is wrong only depak used insulin not rakesh. Hence the answer will be b for question number 32.

Also post the solved explanation of of question number 19 and 17.


In the answer key of class 4 NSO Set B following questions answers published may be wrong.

Q.#  Ans Given   Correct Ans
1.      D          B
2.      A          B
6.      D          B
12.     D          A


We have not provided any answers for SET B for Class 4 yet.


SET B Class 7

Question Number 37: The answer should be B. And for Question Number 45 the answer should be B.


Set B Answer Keys are officially announced. Check at: http://schools.aglasem.com/?p=6637


So who all appeared for 2nd Level Examination? How was the exam?


Result of 2nd level NCO, NSO & IMO expected to be declared during 2nd fortnight of March.

Olympiads schedule for 2015-16 finalized. NCO on 23rd Sept & 8th Oct. NSO on 20th Oct & 5th Nov. IMO on 26th Nov & 10th Dec. IEO on 20th Jan & 28th Jan ā€˜16.


Result is going to announced around 15th March 2015. Are you ready?


I want the solved answer of 17th nso,class 9,set A,question no.22


Answer Key for NSO is already released officially. Why now check that out for correct answers. If there is any specific question for which you want step by step solutions shere it here, I will try to solve it.