Need a mentor for JEE preparation



I’m in my class 11 now.
I’m thinking of doing self study for my JEE preparation.

But I’d like to have a mentor (online) whose help I can take during this 1 year of preparation.
I have few questions:

  1. - Do you provide 1-1 mentorship for JEE preparation?
  2. - I can see mentors there but its not paid, I’m looking for 1-1 mentorship. Do you think joining this site can help me?
  3. - I saw few PAID packages exactly like I want - but they do not have 1-1 mentorship.

Please assist.
Also - please list sites that provide paid 1-1 mentorship for JEE.



It’s a very good decision to do self-study for JEE preparation.

At present, there is no such 1-1 online mentorship available at As this thing is very much new, so there are hardly any experienced online mentors available in India. I would suggest as it is a turning point for you then you should not do any experiment rather you should start looking for an experienced mentor near you (instead of choosing an online mentor, you can choose a physical one) who can guide you in the right direction to the successful path of JEE.