JEE Main Rank Predictor with JEE Main marks and 12th Percentage



jee mains expected marks 244/249 , 81 % cbse last year , and from general cat…


JEE MAINS Xpected marks iz 116 .•••••87% in telangana board ◘◘◘and OBC…from telangana state…Which rank would you predict…:slight_smile::diamonds:




@rinky_heerekar @Krishna_Chaitanya_Na There is no data available for Telangana State. I am sorry I will not be be able to guess you expected rank.


@Aqua Expected Rank 17000 - 20000

@A_Siva Please specify your board and percentage. JEE Ranks are based on JEE Score and board percentage both.

@Srikar_Kvs I have taken 97 percentile as 97 percentage, if this is not correct please let me know actual percentage. Also I have taken your JEE Score as 227. According to my assumptions and calculations you can get JEE Main Air around 8500

@debabrata_sarkar At 133 JEE Score and 99 WB Board percentage you can get AIR around 9500

@dravit_lochan Expected All India Rank 65000 - 75000

@Himanshi_Gupta You have not mentioned your board. I have assumed it as CBSE. Your expected rank is between 25000 - 32000

@monu_vj You can expect All India rank around 8000

@Kareenah_Singh You have not mentioned your board. I have assumed it as CBSE. Your expected rank is around 100000

@vishwas_kamath Expected Rank is 26000 - 32000

@Abhishek_singh1 Expected Rank 12000 - 15000


hey , my expected marks of 244/249 dropped down to actual 215, and as i have got 81% in boards i think i should leave hope for NIT, but can i get any of the top three branch of IIIT Hyderabad , based on my jee main score as this year expected ratio of students getting above 250 this year in Jee Mains is very low as compared to the last year, is there a chance ??? or IIT and BITSAT is the last hope???


JEE main expected marks 121

Board Percentage 94 or 95

category general

board CBSE


PAER 1 64
PAPER 2 178
Tamilnadu State Board
Expected marks in 12th 1085/1200


JEE Main Marks - 70
12th Board Percentage - above 85
Name of Board - CBSE


jee mains 2015 expected score is 197 and i am from andhra pradesh n i got 97% in board xams .what will my AIR rank be?plz reply as soon as possible!!


@Abhishek_singh1 Please mention your board. Without know the board i cannot guess the expected AIR and thus possibility of admission. Also please use JEE Main College & Branch Predictor topic for college related discussions.

@Isabelle_Anderson Your expected rank is around 33000

@Shruti_Verma Its little difficult to predict rank to precision, however it could be around 111000-136000

@naina you can expect your between 12k and 15k


I am getting 120-125 in jee main and my board percentage is 89% in west bengal board… what should be my rank?


i m gating 121 in jee main nd my percentage in odisha board is 80%,category is obc then what’s my rank


Kerala Board 99%
Jee Main Score 94… Predict my rank pls !!!


my jee mains marks are 80 and my board percentage is 96.7 %

predict my rank plss
i belong to oc category


JEE Main 2015 Result (scores) announced! For further queries regarding AIR prediction should contain valid JEE Main Score. If you have not yet checked the result Click Here


I have scored 153 marks in JEE Mains and my board %age is 88 (CBSE). State J&K. What is my expected Rank (AIR) ??? (dropper) Category- Gen.


I have scored 107 in JEE Mains and Im expecting about 94% in my CBSE Board Exams. Which stream in which college can I most probably get?



my mains score is 116 and inter board score is 97.5 percentage i am from andhra pradesh
what will be my rank and which colleges i can get admmission



my jee main score is 126 i belongs to obc ncl.i expects a 97 percentage in kerala board of examination
can u please tell me about my rank