JEE Main Questions and Answers Discussion of Exam held on 8 Apr 2017



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JEE Main 2017 has been successfully conducted today. It was an online exam. Let us discuss the questions and answers here.

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	the cbse has given the jee cbt candidates the questions of online test..  please the answer key shortly


where is the key for 8th april mains online exam uploaded?


Q.A magnetic dipole in a constant m-field has:

  1. zero potential energy when the torque is maximum
    2.maximum potential energy when the torque is maximum potential energy when the torque is minimum
    4.minimum potential energy when the torque is maximum.
    I think option 4 is correct.


When can we get the answer key of jee mains online paper 1, 8 april 2017???


Option 1st is correct, when torque is maximum, ø=π/2, so U = 0, but in option 4, it says U = minimum which is possible at ø=0, where U is -BM.



Hey akshay correct option is1 when torque is maximum potential energy is zero


Session 1 Mathematics
Q no 14 consider an ellipse whose center is at the origin and it’s major axis is along the x axis if it’s eccentricities is 3/5 and the distance between it’s foci is 6then the area of the quadrilateral inscribed in the ellipse with the vertices as the vertices of the ellipse is
1 40
2 8
3 80
4 32
i guess the answer is 40


CBSE sent e-mail to all the JEE CBT candidates their Question paper and the answers they marked.


A(g)-A(l) delta H=-3RT
The correct statement

  1. Delta H less than delta U
  2. Delta H=Delta U=0
  3. Delta H greater than Delta U``
  4. Delta H= Delta U not equal 0