JEE Main College & Branch Predictor



Cbse 84%
Jee mains 47 marks
will i get any collage govt.
these r my frnds details nd mine are…
cbse 89.33%
jee mains marks 142
OBC (NCL) what will be predicted rank nd givt collage both from delhi


Cbse board %: 92.6
Jee main: 87
Category : ST
State: Orissa
What are my chances?


My jee main mark is 45 and my board percentage is 76 from bihar board
SC category… can i get my rank???


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Please specify your AIR only to know which college you can get. If you want to know your rank based on Class 12 marks and JEE Main Score please discus on JEE Main Rank Predictor topic.

Once you know your rank, you can post your rank here to know the possibility of getting admission in specific institute.


My JEE Main Score is 107 and CBSE Board %age is 95.20 . HS- Haryana . What is my expected rank and which colleges are best for me?


Hello Sir,
My CBSE % is 68%
Jee mains score is 70
Category is SC
From Punjab
I want to enquire about my AIR and College branch and name please for CSE


12 cbse board 90.2%
Jee main 85 marks
Category obc-ncl
I want my rank


jee main marks:- 103
board percentage:- 84% CBSE
category:- SC
Home state:- Uttarakhand
any chance of MNNIT allahabad or any other good NIT ?


jee mains marks-163
board percentage-92(CBSE)
can u tell me my xpected rank


jeemarks 104
board percentage 95
from ap
category obc
rank 20000


Jee marks 88
Board Percentage 86.2%
All India CRL Rank is 166851
Please Predict which college and their respective branch will i get


JEE Main 2015 Result All India Ranks have finally been announced by CBSE. Please check the AIR and provide with actual AIR to suggest colleges more precisely

You can now check your rank! Go to


My all india Rank is 99542.
General candidate from Maharashtra Board.
Suggest for Computer Science please.’


Computer Science in good NIT’s is pretty tough. You should apply in some of the state colleges to be on the safer side. Have you appeared for DTE Maharashtra counselling?


my all india rank in jee mains is 86405
my jee score was 90 and cbse board % 93.4
can u please suggest nit and its branch where ever possible

i am really stressed please help me out
and what diffence comes if we become engineer from jee mains colleges or from govt colleges under ggsip university delhi?


JEE Main Score : 171
Board Percentage : 96.4%
JEE Main All India Rank : 4984
Category: General
State : Tamil Nadu

Which group will I get in NIT Trichy ? Where will I get Computer Science ?


Yes. DTE Maharashtra. But as OMS candidate deprived of some good colleges.


6200 jee mains rank
delhi general
coe or electrical


470000 air punjab
sc rank 31000 which collg and branch may i get in punjab


Please tell me the State as well as Category you are looking for? So that i can help you with the query.