JEE Main 2016 Last Minute Preparation Tips


  1. Go through your self-written notes and revise all critical topics for JEE Main, playing to your strengths while focusing on your weak areas simultaneously.

  2. Take as many Mock Tests as you can to gain confidence. You can find some free mock tests for JEE Main HERE.

  3. In the last lap, you do not have time to cover a 100 questions in each topic of every subject. Choose 10 that test concepts thoroughly rather than 100s just for the sake of practice.

  4. Maths is unarguably the toughest part of JEE Main. At the same time, it may be the easiest to work around with practice.

  5. Select questions wisely. In every section, there will be a fair number of downright easy questions, some lengthy ones (that aren’t that difficult but are designed to wear you down), some conceptual ones (that become easy if your concepts are clear) and some downright tough nuts that won’t crack without a lot of effort unless you are a genius. The point is, weightages rarely wary proportionately. In light of negative marking especially, choose what questions to focus on and come back to the rest if you have time.

  6. Avoid group studies. At this stage, when practice is the most critical aspect of your preparation, group studies is a bad idea. Apart from being a distraction, it will definitely add to anxiety.

Bonus tips (for D-Day)

  • Get enough sleep and eat breakfast
  • Reach the test centre well before the reporting time.
  • Don’t forget the JEE Main 2016 Admit Card (download it here) and other documents that have been told for the exam.
  • Split the total time into 3 buckets of an hour each (for each subject). Keep limits for each question.
  • Save time to review the answers
  • If there is any day of your life when you really need to keep calm, it is this.

All the best!!