ISC books query



I want to purchase ISC books of HISTORY,GEOGRAPHY ,POLITICAL SCIENCE and ECONOMICS for competitive exams but I don’t which publishers/writers are good plzz anybody suggest me .


Do you want to purchase books for ISC class 12th exam? Or for competitive exams after board exams?

As you have mentioned specific subjects, can you first tell me which books are being used in your school?


I had specifically mentioned that I want to buy history, geography,economics, political science and I am not familiar with authors and publishers. Since I am preparing for civil services so I need best books kindly suggest me the relevant books.

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Hello Abhishek!!
These books may help you :

  1. Book : ISC Geography
    Author : D.R. Khullar
    Publication : Kalyani Publisher

  2. Book : Frank ISC Economics
    Author : D.K. Sethi, Mrs. U. Andrews
    Publication : Frank Brothers

  3. Book : ISC Political Science for class 12
    Author : DR. J.C. Johari
    Publication : Goyal Brothers Prak

  4. Book : Essentials of Economics-XII
    Author : I.C Dhingara
    Publication : Sultan Chand & sons