Is it possible to complete the half of the syllabus of class 11 physics,chemistry,maths & that too in 28days?


is it possible to complete the half of the syllabus of class 11 physics,chemistry,maths & that too in 28days?
the total chapters are 17.kindly suggest me some tips to make the almost impossible thing possible. thinking that there are chapters like thermodynamics , gravitation, equilibrium etc. so please give me advice accordingly. thanks


Why you want to do half of the course in just 28 days. Are you planing not to study now and prepare just before exam in Feb 2016 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I studies one topic for months to understand it properly, its not possible to do half of the course in a month. If its so easy every school have given holidays for 7-8 months after completing the course in 2 months and taking exam in remaining 1-2 months.


I guess it is possible. But just at one cost that you should stop surfing the net and posts and make all the possible efforts. I guess it would take 16 hrs a day if you are doing it for the first tym…And yes do not study for the sake of just putting a COMPLETED tag on your studies. Study everything thoroughly…and of course a pre-planning is must.
In a way you can divide physics into sections such as MECHANICS or HEAT, and deal with one section at a time, CHEMISTRY is easy, focus on organic, cuz it needs frequent revisions, Deal with NCERT , although being boring, it strenghthens your concpts, Making notes at the same time would help you a lot in frequent future revisions. You should be mature enough to know what to study, and what simply can be left off. Firstly, deal with topics that you aren’t good at. Maths is not my stuff, so better take someone else’s advice for that. Remember Physics needs practice, solving questions and good calculation and logical skills, and Chemistry on the other part needs to be understood followed by frequent revisions.
Divide your syllabus into smaller parts for making it look easy. Take experts help, and focus on what you want to do. Don’t waste even a single day.
Good Luck


no not really u didn’t understand my question! my question is to complete it within a month & need tips accordingly!!1