Integrated MSc Vs B.Tech


Choosing career can be a difficult task. But it needs to be decided by you yourself. You need to decide on the basis of what you would like doing i.e. what your strengths are. If you are interested in a teaching or research profession then you need to take up M.Sc course. If you are interested in the corporate world or would like to become an entrepreneur then you could pursue the B.Tech course only.

Both the courses are good. Choose the course based on what you should be your career.

Important Questions to Ask yourself before selecting B.Tech / Integrated M.Sc.

  1. You want technical studies or basic studies.
  2. You want to become engineer or work in research field / become scientist.
  3. You have interest in Ph.D or Not.
  4. You want to earn money / get job early or you can give more time to your studies/

In basic terms people say that if you are a poor student you should select Intregated Msc Degree, because after Integrared M.Sc Degeree if you are not able to get job then you are able to chose teaching profession. You need not wait for Job.

First you decide in which stream would you like to go. If your are interested in teaching or research areas than M.Sc will be better option for you because after this you can apply for NET for your higher studies. If you are intersted in professional course than chosse B.Tech. from good College.


Also if both are from same college then only you can compare these two courses, else i will say prefer the better college.