Incorrect questions in JEE Main 2015 11 April (CBT) Exam



I would request people to CLAIM 4 incorrect (ambiguous) questions in JEE Main 11 april.
According to this question paper Two question of math section namely, 25 and 26 and here is the concrete reason for that ( and ( Also type in google ‘is equilateral triangle isosceles’ the very first definition say’s it is. And 1 question from chemistry section which I am not yet sure of but I see institute say its wrong, it is ques no 24, here both 1 and 2nd product are form in equal amounts. In question no. 23 Physics section,is definitely wrong and as a concrete proof: see question no 24 of physics section, they specifically mention in +z axis. (Now that’s a question from big examination and all the questions I have come across specifically mention along +z axis, if they would have said along k^ then it would have been a different case).

JEE Main 2015 Question Paper Discussion

Also if any one has got some of them claimed, please do reply. I am going to claim 3 of them except that EMW ques of physics. Also my email is [email protected]


I have also given 11th paril CBT Exam , thi sBOnus Marks matters me a lot…
SOmebody raise claim against it.
contact me
[email protected]


Hey if sm one gave 10 april exam it has one wrong question of physics which cbse had agreed bt besides that one question of chemistry has wrong option stated as correct in their off answerkey. the ques asks the group and period no of Te(52) with its valence shell config in 5s 5p. So answer must be 16 gp and 5th period bt they had given 6th period as correct ans. This is clearly wrong and must be brought into concern of cbse . Plz sombody raise a challange . I cant due to sm serious reasons. Bt if thers anyone of same exam plz challange answerkey .last date is 22 april 5 pm.


Plz do reply if sm body has already claimed it. will b greatly thankfull to him