Important Topics to Study for JEE Main and IIT JEE Advanced 2016



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You may find certain things boring and would start to lose interest in those topics, but remember these topics will fetch you marks in the JEE exam. Take help of your friends who are good at that topic. After all, you have to study those topics.

Below is the list of very important topics you should not miss while preparing for JEE Entrance Exam

Important Topics For Class 11

Important Topics For Class 12

JEE mains 2017 prepration from now how?

Experts and toppers opine in unison that devoting extra time on strengthening important topics is a must to do practice, if you want to achieve a good score in JEE Main exam. Important topics are those topics that carry more marks in the exam. You should practice important topics more because if you have understood the concept behind these key topics well, then you will be able to solve a major part of the JEE Main Question Paper correctly.


The much awaited JEE Main 2016 brochure is finally been released. Now you can know all about JEE Main 2016 here

JEE Main 2016 Application Forms will start in few hours!


JEE Main 2016 Application Form have finally been released-


CBSE has released the admit card of JEE Main Exam 2016. Candidates can download the admit card from here also get the preparation resource for JEE Main Exam.

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JEE‬ Main 2016 Exam is quite near so here are some revision tips for you.

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