IMO Level 2 Previous Year Question Papers



I am appearing for IMO 2nd Level Exam this year. Where can I get IMO Level 2 past year question papers?

9th IMO level 2
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You can get IMO Previous Year Question Papers with Answers for all classes HERE

Also for IMO 2nd Level Preparation I will suggest you to also take IMO Mock Test. Also refer to IMO Syllabus and Official IMO Sample Papers.

For any other information regarding check out IMO Complete Information


where can I see the IMO set a grade 7 paper (2015)? pls can anyone tell me?


Can anyone please help me with class 3 …level 2… 8th IMO previous year paper.


Refer to the following reply by shabana


There are no last year question papers in that link


yes, papers was removed due to copyright claim by SOF, now you have to purchase them from their website.