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Here you can discuss the question paper for IMO Level 1 Exam.

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Imo set class x answer
9th IMO class 1 set A result 2015-2016
Wrong answer key for level 1 9th IMO- class 3- set A

Question: 28 The number of values of a for which (a^2 -3a+2)x^2+(a^2-5a+6)x+a^2-4=0 is an identity in x
Why ans is 2 not 1?


Hey! I don’t have the question paper right now, but if what you have written is verbatim, then you are right. Number of values of a for which the given equation can remain an identity of x will be one (1) and the value of a for which the condition is satisfied will be two (2).


Sir std 4 set A the 11 question the answer is B and not A and 18th question the answer is C and even 16th sum the answer is B. Please check sir


I also think same. Key is not correct. It is definitely B

For IMO Level 1 class 3 set A Question 14, the answer is incorrect as it has been asked the fraction of unshaded portion not shaded so answer must be (b) pls look into it carefully.


For IMO Level 1 class 8 Set A Question 13, the answer is incorrect.The correct answer must be option B


@Karishma @Bhavna_Gupta @Harsh_Bhaskar @sakshi_chavan Please share the full question and options. I will solve them and let you know the correction answer.


Hello sir actually others what ever u have posted are right except 31 sum wherin u have told that answer is d but sir according to me the answer should be b ie(24,8) this is the answer sir. I am talking about 8th imo class 4 set A 31st sum


Q_14.what fraction of the given figure is unshaded?
Sir I think right answer is b not a
Please check and tell me


Q:what fraction of given figure is unshaded. ?
B) 12/20
C) 14/20
D) 10/20
Class 3rd ques 14 set a)


@Karishma Please provide me the complete question and i will try to solve it for you.

@Bhavna_Gupta @Harsh_Bhaskar You have posted the question but I don’t know what is the diagram which is unshaded or shaded. Can you please post the complete question.


I can not upload diagram. Please you check question paper in net or IMO website.


That’s the problem. No question paper is available online. Neither on any website nor on SOF Official website.

If you want you can take picture of the question and upload here or anywhere else and give link, once the question is available we will let you know the correct answer with proper explanation.


I want the question paper of class 10 set A. Can someone please mail it to me at tusharbhatt35[at]gmail[dot]com


I want to know the Answer Key for Class 11 IMO Set B.


I think Class 6th, Question Number 1 for Set B is wrong.


yes aditya class 6th ,Question number 1 of set b is wrong


class 6 question number 1 of set b is
In a joint family, there are father ,mother,4 married sons and three unmarried daughters. Of the sons, and two have a son and a daughter each. How many female members are there in the family?
a) 15 b) 12
c) 14 d) 11
ans is c and your ans is b


I felt many answers incorrect in the answer key which you provided for 8th IMO 2014 class 7 set B paper. I doubt the following answers:
Que No. 4,5,7,8,9,13,15,16,28,32,36,40,42,44,45 & 47.
Also providing these many questions as well as their options is very tiresome job so please get the question paper & try to solve the questions again & change the answers. Please explain the answers which are already correctly mentioned in the answer key to me. PLEASE DO THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE & MAKE THE CORRECTIONS IN THE ANSWER KEYS!
Saurabh Lakhe


i think many answers are incorrect in 8th IMO set B class 9
ques 2,4,5,7,8,11,15,23,24,25,26,28,
and ans for ques 32-c , 33-c , 34-a , 35-c , 36-b , 37-d , 38-c , 39-d , 43-d , 44-c , 46-d , 47-a , 48-b , 49-c , 50-d