IGKO Class 3, Set-B, 2017


Dear sir,
With due respect to your wise decision in preparing the answer key of IGKO for class III (Year 2017, Set- B) I request you to think over the answer for question no 26 (Part- Life skill). The question is, which one Rohan should check while picking up an energy drink -(A) manufacturing date, (B) expiry date, © ingredients, or (D) all of the above.
As far as my knowledge is concerned, we first check the expiry date of the product at the time of purchasing. It is more important than the manufacturing date.
Again, though we should check d ingredients, we must consider that it is an energy drink, not a health drink. While in health drink we give importance to the appropriate proportion of ingredients, in energy drinks, we don’t always do so.
Thus from my point of view the appropriate answer should have been-- (B) expiry date of the drink, because if the the validity of the product expires, the manufacturing date and ingredients become absolutely insignificant, negligible and valueless.
Please, think it over.
Thanking you,
T. Patra