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Here you can discuss the question paper for IEO Exam held in Jan 2015.

Official Answer keys of IEO Exams SET A and Set B are now available.

If you think there is some mistake in the Answer Key, you can post those questions here with your solutions and we will let you know if you are correct or key is correct.

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IEO Class 9 Set A

Give the detailed solution of questions 33, 34 and 35 that who is talking to whom

Also for Question number 48 the correct answer should be B


Could you please put 6th,10th, and 1st Question Papers Set A with Answer Keys.
It would be a great help!!


@deepak_kumar I failed to understand your doubt. The requested questions are direct and simple.

In question 33 Guest asked question and hostess responded. In question Preeeti asked question and ma’am responded. In question 35 Hostess asked the question and guest responded.

@Adityarj06 Class 10 Key is already published. Class 6th and 1st will be published as we receive the question papers.


Class9 set A
Answer of q 48 is b. How can abhinav bindra be a goal he has to be an ideal according to the options.


Exactly in question no 33 of class 9 ieo set a guest asked hostess if he could help her but hostess is at low post from him so she eill surely say oh no you cannot similarly in other questions please consider the same things

Question no 2 of class 9 set a should be have been


Deepak Kumar I doubt whether u know English or not. In Q2 it’s written that Mr. Mukherjee - and u are saying it should be have been. My friend Mr Mukherjee is a single person.


I am really sorry I don’t know where my mind has gone.

Question no 14 of class 9 set a answer will be what


In Standard 9th IEO Set A Question no. 48 of Achivers Section " Abhinav Bindra Should be her ideal not Goal it should be Option B


Among the options, none of them fit correctly frankly speaking the only word that could fit was “Idol” or something similar like “Icon”, “Hero”.

Among the options, in my opinion, none is correct


The answer for Q. No. 14 of 9th class set A is D i.e. battered.
The answer for Q. No. 15 of 9th class set A is A i.e. thinking.
The answer for Q. No. 22 of 9th class set A is A i.e. 1.5 million gene variations.
The answer for Q. No. 25 of 9th class set A is D i.e. fourth cousins with friends.
The answer for Q. No. 42 of 9th class set A is C i.e. beginning.
The answer for Q. No. 48 of 9th class set A is B i.e. ideal.
The answer for Q. No. 50 of 9th class set A is C i.e. tougher.

My son has appeared for 9th class IEO set A. After careful analysis of all 50 questions, I submit the following answers.


Class 9 Answer Key for IEO Set A is published at:

You can check your answers from there.


I have seen the Answer Key published, but I think all the answers are not correct. So I have posted my answers.


Dear Sir,
Answer keys of 5th IEO class 7 set B have many defects according to me. Question no. 2,5,14,17,22,28,44,48 answers are totally marked wrong
I have checked my answers by using Oxford Advance Learners Dictionary 8th edition. According to me answers are for above questions are C,B,B,C,B,C,B,A respectively. Plz revise the answer key. I hope all the answer I have marked above are mentioned right in new answer key. So plz revise the answer key fast.
Saurabh Lakhe


Plz revise the class 7 IEO set B answer key & look into my previous post about it.


for grade 7 question 13 question set A the answer can also be A because they are talking about the future but option A states about the past! "this WAS"
and for question 28 the answer can also be be because it is also mentioned that it is KNOWN for its sphynix and pyramids! please reply ASAP! and BTW the answer can only be 1 there are no 2 answeres and also q. 45 is only D because the second word which is regards is not a known and because it is a second word it s starts with a small letter and also q. 7 is only answer A because would like go on a cruise is wrong!!! thank u and have a nice day. Btw i meant this whole thing in a nice and friendly way :smiley:


Dear Sir,
Please check out the post I have made about the IEO class 7 set B answer key published. I think many answers are wrong. I have checked my answers with reference to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 8th Edition.
I have posted the questions & my answers in my previous posts. Please check them & revise the answer key.


correct answers of q 46,47,48,49,50 is B,B,D,B. of q 1 is A


Hi Deepak,
correct answers of Q 1,2,3,4,5,6 is A,C,A,A,C,A


Class 4 set B
Q11: The answer key shows A as the correct answer, but even B is a correct answer.

Q 27: The answer key shows A as the correct answer, but even B is an equally good choice.

Q 22: The answer key shows A as the correct answer, but even B qualifies for the correct response.

Q 25: The answer key doesn’t show any answer for Q25, while B is the correct answer.