IAS Prelims 2015 held on 23 August 2015 Discussion



Here you can discuss the question paper for UPSC Civil Services IAS Prelims Exam held in August 23, 2015.

We have published the Answer Keys on AglaSem for Set A, Set B, Set C, Set D. Please note that till now the official answer keys have not been published.

If you think there is some mistake in the Answer Key, you can post those questions and we will solve it for you.

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In question number 86 of set D, the answer given in the key is choice d. However, application of excessive nitrogenous fertilizers will reduce the micro fauna/flora rather than its proliferation. Hence, in my opinion the right answer is option c. In question number 59 of the same set gives the right answer as option a. But the community of organism interacting among themselves alone will not make an ecosystem. It must involve the habitat as well. Hence the correct answer must be option c.


UPSC CS Prelims Result 2015

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