I am in 1st yr MBBS but trying for AIPMT again. HELP!



I am 2013 passed out batch and i took an year drop and secured a mbbs through private run entrance examination…Merit based only and not by management…
I am studying in a private medical college from 2014 (college name and place does not want to be disclosed).My family is facing some financial constraints for the past 6months due to which my first semester fees wasnt paid and i was not allowed to write da exam…
my parents somehow managed to pay the per annum fees of 6.8 lacs(per semester fee is 3.4 Lac so totally it comes around 29LACS).Now my first year annual exam is from 13th july to 30th july and in between which AIPMT(25th)is also held.
My anatomy professor insists on focussing pmt n clearing it and go as the situation may continue next year also…but i have a fear what if i dont get in aipmt and lose marks here also?
Materials are ready in my hand…prev yr papers and universal self scorer phy n chem…

My aim is to do MBBS-but seeing the situation i have forced myself to try for pmt and jipmer again(secured 153/200–and i am OBC candidate… not puducherry)
what should i do now?i have started my preparation for my college annual exam but i seriously want to get out n secure a govt colg seat in pmt due to financial constraints…By the way there is no clash between my college exam and aipmt…i m getting one day full before pmt…
Need any tips and guidance for one month ahead and clear PMT as well as i dont want to lose my backup option(the current college)…

any suggestions are welcome !!



Are you currently studying mbbs anywhere sir/madam ?


I would like to ask the following questions.

  1. How prepared are you for your college semester exam, say on a scale of 1 to 10?
  2. As per AIPMT answer key (official), how much did you score?

If the answer to (1) above is more than 6, meaning that you are quite well prepared, you can safely focus on AIPMT prep.
Also, if you scored quite well I think you should give the exam again on 25th.

There is exactly one month, starting from today to attempt the AIPMT. You can keep the following in mind to get an edge in your preparation.

  • Solve as many questions as possible from AIPMT past year papers and practice papers. Solve them in a exam - time manner. After solving a paper, check its keys and see where you can improve. Attempt at least one - two papers in a day.
  • If there was any particular topic you could not do well in, in the last AIPMT, master it within five days. You have the time now.
  • Avoid distractions. Preparing for both the exams will be very time consuming. You must avoid other activities at all costs.
  • Do not listen to discouraging people (peers / acquaintances) who say you will not be able to do it.

In my honest opinion, attempting the AIPMT again is a very good option in your case. But at the same time, you should prepare for college exams too and make sure you do moderately well at least there as well.

Feel free to ask more doubts here. We are sure you will do well!


my calculated score was 444/720…
Thanks for the advice and tips anwesha…
I have decided to concentrate on college exams and at night time time or so- sit and solve 2 papers daily…

my books are universal self scorer phy n chem-mtg previous years…
are these sufficient for one month?


At the short span of time, student should not start a new book for AIPMT preparation. As you said, you have previous year papers with you, practice them. You should refer to NCERT books and Class notes. Test Series and Mock Tests also helps a lot. You should attempt as many as you can to check your level of performance. You can work on your weak areas through this. Sample papers and practicing previous year question papers will give you a fair idea about the exam pattern and helps in improving time management skills, question solving ability with speed and accuracy. That will be enough.

Good Luck for your preparation…!!


A week to go…buddy focus only on ncerts and nothing else…leave all self scorers and continue practicing questions more and more…dats it…ncert is something that really matters…gud luk…c u at results