How to remember what we read or learnt without revising it?


here i dont want answers like flashcards,mnemonics n all. plse tell me the proper way of feeding our mind with lots of info.


@Patrik_Chatterjee Here are some points which might help you to remember things easily:

  1. The things you understand rather than cramming last longer. So instead of cramming, one should try to understand things properly.
  2. One should become voracious for knowledge, meaning learning things wherever anyone can from. Research on what you are reading and then go for a deeper understanding of the topic. It will be interesting as do go deeper. Learning things in depth will never let you forget them easily.
  3. Learning things by making them easy also helps mind to retain things.
  4. During my school days, I attended a presentation from some experts about memorising techniques. The most important thing they told me was to review notes regularly; after an hour, after a day, after a week, after a month, after six months. (You’ll need an organised way of making sure that this happens, but it is extremely effective.) Remember the formula: 1x24x7x6 (1 hour, 24 hours, 7 days and 6 months).