How to prepare for JEE Main and Class 12th Board Exam simultaneously?



Class 12th Board exam is the exam from where you choose the field in which you want to become expert but for some the choice starts even before the start of 11th class. The dream to become an engineer from which he could allow his brain to innovate the best and create something to inspire rest of the world. Yes, here we are talking about how to prepare for 12th Class Board exam and JEE Main simultaneously.

Before we start to go deep into the topic, first we need understand how the pattern looks and why anyone should anything like class 12th Board exam and JEE Main preparation simultaneously. To start with lets first discuss about the well known class 12th Board exam. Board exam of class 12th is a very important juncture of a student’s career as from here student goes into a field which he has chosen to study and gain expertise on. Students prepare harder to get good marks in these examinations as admission some of the most prestigious colleges like St.Stephens and SRCC of Delhi University are made through purely board exam results only. Securing high percentage of marks in board exams ensures a student of better and secure future.

On the other hand there is one another route that is the route of various entrance exams that requires some specific amount of board percentage but requires you to score some decent marks in their entrance test so as to ensure you a seat in a good college and thereby providing you enough opportunities to get placed in a reputed firm or get some good guidance and scholarships to pursue higher studies.

But if you lack in any one of these then the going gets a little bit tough and life comes to an altogether halt for some period of time until get some peace of mind to restart everything and get one these on a high note. Doing this for the second time from scratch is little bit tough but though not impossible. For the one’s who want to do it for the first time and have a decent score in both of these in their first attempt or having hugely great score in both of these for the first time in their first attempt, this article deals with those students. For the one’s who just want to score exceptionally well in any one these examination, the article also covers those students but in a hidden way as it directly doesn’t refer to them. For the one’s who just want to stay average at both of these, my advise to them is they should put a little more effort to get some decent score in one.
But the choice lies to them as they may be having some other plans, you never know what one is upto at any point of time.

Lets come back to topic, on simultaneous preparation of class 12th exam and JEE Main. Below some points are provided that one can inculcate so that they could have a smooth preparation of both the examination.

  • Plan your schedule: First thing to remember is that you should plan your schedule as per the timings of school and your self study plan.

  • Analyse the Syllabus of Board Exam and Syllabus of JEE Main: Since both the exam have a lot of things in common a student should analyse the sylllabus of both thoroughly and weed out the ones that are different or are not common as they require some more efforts to be put in.

  • Separate common topics first: Common topics one’s separated should be learned and practiced thoroughly so that they are prepared from both point of views.

  • Material for preparing common topics:Since basic preparation material for both remains the same, one should focus and get most out of it so that none of the topics mentioned therein should be spared.
    Revision at regular intervals: Keep revising the topics every now and then so that the topics remain on your finger tips at every point of time till the date of examination.

  • Different topic revision later: Topics that are different from the board syllabus and requires more reference material should be prepared in the end of the preparation schedule so that you have good hold over the topics just before the examination.

  • Solve every practical book on topics: Solve as many questions as you can if you are preparing for JEE as solving more practical questions gives you the complete picture of what’s happening.
    Fixed revision schedule:Revision schedule should be fixed as without revision you will keep forgetting topics so revision plays a vital role in overall preparation process.

  • Mock Tests and previous year’s papers: Solving more and more number of mock tests allows you to get acquainted with the type of questions being asked and you are preparing in the right direction.

  • Analysis of Syllabus Again: In the last do a thorough analysis of the syllabus again so as to have an insight of how much you studied and what all topics were left.

Apart from these aspects several other aspects such as given below should be kept in mind:

  • Proper Diet Plan
  • Proper Exercising to keep your self fit.
  • Meditation to keep yourself mentally healthy.
  • Taking some break off work after certain interval of regular preparation.