How to prepare for GATE 2018 exam?



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Right now I am in 2nd year. I want to prepare for GATE 2018. I can appear in GATE 2018. I want to start my preparation from today itself, but i am confused about where to begin and what to read?

I am not good in my grades in my college and it is only because I never took it seriously. But now when I am ready to start to prepare, I want suggestions from all because the one who are walking on that way could guide me better.

Please help me out of this

What should be the last month strategy for GATE?

There is no “right time” to start preparing for the exam. The earlier you begin, the more time you have in your hand. However, if you think time is less, do not panic. Set a goal and stick to it.

As you are in 2nd year, you have long way to go and I appreciate your vision. You will surely have the advantage by starting the preparation now.

You just need to do one thing now, check the current GATE syllabus, go through it carefully. Identify the subjects which you are covering now and in coming semesters. Learn those subjects conceptually. Digest the topics. If you do this consistently, I am sure you have all the armors for GATE exam.

Here is a list of Important Books for GATE subject wise. You can refer them for exam preparation.

Its important to understand the basics of your core subjects from the 1st semester itself. The main motto to get succeed in GATE exam is to follow standard books and learn the subject with problem solving involving mathematical interpretation. And know where that subject is applied i.e., its application.

GATE Previous Year Question Papers are very helpful in understanding the examination pattern, distribution of marks and difficulty level. Solve as many as you can during your preparations.

You can test your preparation by giving GATE Mock Test on regular basis.

You can also refer to GATE Exam Preparation Guide to get more preparation tips and important resources to refer.

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I think it is best to focus on semester exams to start your GATE preparation. A large part of GATE syllabus has to be studied from your engineering curriculum, so understanding of concepts of your syllabus is important.

Most of the GATE Toppers we have interviewed had said that they ideally started preparations in third year of engineering. So it is providence that you have asked the question at the appropriate time :slightly_smiling:

  1. You must decide which paper to appear for (related to your B.Tech of course).
  2. Go through the present GATE syllabus for that paper. Chances of drastic changes in syllabus is quite small in an exam of this scale.
  3. Start studying key concepts from your engineering curriculum and at the same time, consult GATE specific books so that you get better at solving multiple choice questions.
  4. Once you have covered some topics, start solving those topics’ questions from last years GATE question papers.
  5. When you are in 3rd year or towards its end, start taking mock tests.

One question that you may have in mind is: Should I join coaching for GATE exam?

For that, you will have to analyse yourself at the end of this year or at least by fifth semester end. You should join coaching if the following are true.

  • You are not able to stick to a study schedule / weekly plan.
  • You think you need help with quite a few topics.
  • You are apprehensive about the exam pattern and require guidance.

Another concern for you is that you have not scored very well in college so far.

For that, I think you need not worry at this stage. You are only in second year and you can improve now. Sometimes it happens that just after 12th, when one comes to college, the desire to study much is absent. Now that you have decided to appear for GATE, you can start paying more attention to classes and do better.

Another thing I would like to suggest is that you prepare for similar exams at the same time. For example UPSC Engineering Service Exam is another exam you can prepare for along with GATE. Solving past year papers of UPSC ESE will help in your GATE preparation.