How to Make Correction in Gate 2015 Admit Card



In my Admit Card of Gate 2015 the signature is incomplete, though during Online Application, the preview was full signature and also showed in the status of my application is that all the doc. are in order and my application was accepted. But now this happens, What should i do?


Please don’t panic! For this correction you have to contact your zonal IIT, your zonal IIT is that which you select for your 1st preference for examination center or as per your exam center in admit card. For such correction you have to provide them your Name, Your Application ID, and mistake to be corrected in your Admit Card.


In my GATE 2015 application form my college name is printed as miet. my actual college name is mahaveer institute os science and technology (mist) so please help me to change name


You cannot make changes in your GATE Application Form now. Correction Facility is already over. Please contact your zonal IIT to make necessary correction in Admit Card (if required)


Admit Card is ok. But what to do for Applicaton Form?


I have uploaded a sign with 420*120 format which is in the range given there. But don’t know why that happened to me?


@sai_vardhan As i said. Nothing can be done. GATE provided the facility to make correction in Application Form earlier. Contact IIT KGP if they allow you to make correction in Application Now.

@Sonit_Dhar Please contact your zonal IIT to make necessary correction in Admit Card.