How to choose your career after 12th



Friends! When we pass out from class 12th we get into a big dilemma. We don’t know what to do next, especially in a Indian kind of society where a boy is just told by his elders to just do either engineering or go to some medical college.

I would like to suggest you that don’t ever listen to your elders. Just follow your heart. This is a time where you have to ignore what your elders says. Trust me, if you will follow your heart then you will surely pass through the day you have dream of.

Now just prepare yourself to take a decision. A decision of your life!

Best Wishes!


@abhi3518nh I am really happy to see such feedback / suggestion for students. Really now a days ever parent want their children to be engineer or doctor. Life is not only about engineering or medical. There are lot of other fields.

I will also suggest all students who still have option to select career in field of their own interest. Forget the money and think what you want to do and go for it, money will follow.

If you really want to make a difference and excel in your life do what you want to do not what others are doing.


A student having Art stream in 12th standard can pursue his further study in art, humanities, management, media, fashion, journalism and tourism field.

A student having PCB or biology in 12th standard can pursue his further study in medical, pharmacy, science research and all art group fields.

A student having PCM or Math in 12th standard can pursue his further study in engineering & technology, pharmacy, architecture, and all art group fields.

And moreover, students from any of above streams can pursue their further studies in law, management, fashion, textile, social work and library science.


You may be right there. However, pursuing dreams is not easy, especially when there are a lot more difficulties, like entrance tests, merit list and the ingrained malpractices. Instead of focussing on one stream, its better to identify a few other branches also. This will help save time and effort.

Also, a lot depends on your performance in class 12.

Further, your heart may even lie. Sometimes, we fall for a stream just because, somewhere down the line we got good marks. Sometimes we feel, the subject is good to grasp than others. However, later this perception may change when we focus on that particular subject.

My advice: Listen to your heart, but also take your parents into confidence.