Higher Education & Career Scope after doing UG Course from DU


What would be career options after doing B.Sc Industrial Chemistry or B.Sc Life Science from Delhi University?
What are possible opportunities for future job scope and higher studies?


On the completion of B.Sc Industrial chemistry, it will be better , if you complete the masters in the same field.

Career options after doing B.Sc

  • M.sc (chemistry)
  • M.sc (organic chemistry)
  • M.sc (Drug chemistry)

Career scopes after B.sc

  • Food and Manufacturers
  • Clinics and Hospitals
  • Medical research laboratory
  • Food and drug admin
  • Public health Agencies

Some of companies where you can find opportunity to work in this field are

  • Bharat petroleum
  • Indian oil corporation
  • ISRO
  • BPCL


@shabana Please answer the same question about B.Sc Life Science or B.Sc Botany. Which subject among these have better scope for higher studies?


B.Sc life sciences has better scope for higher studies and job aspects too.

After doing B.Sc life sciences career options are

  • Masters degree in Business administration forestry and environment management.
  • Veterinary public health
  • Advance diploma in Bitherapeutics
  • Adcance diploma in clinical research

Some of Institutes which provide job opportunity after B.Sc life sciences are ;-

  • Tata institute of fundamental research
  • National institute of immunology
  • Indian council for agicultural research
  • All india institute of medical science
  • Defence and ordiance department

After B.Sc botany degree you have opportunities in job sector such as

  • Environment counsultants
  • Plant explorer
  • Ecologist
  • Horticulturist

Career opportunities are after doing B.Sc Botany

  • Post graduation and Ph.D in same fields


Delhi University is one of the best universities in India. Doing graduation form DU with good grades will give you all possible options available after the course. Not only here, but its recognized in most of the countries.