GSAT 2015 for PG Programmes


I am studying final year B.Sc at Bangalore. I wanted to apply for GSAT 2015 to join for M.Sc Mathematics. I came across this link below:

To apply for this exam, I need to send degree/provisional certificates. What exactly do they mean by degree/provisional certificates?. Are they asking us to submit , Marks cards of every semester that we have got till now?.. If that is the case, I have only marks cards of 5 semesters. Please help me clarify this doubt.


You get a provisional certificate once you complete your B.Sc and after then you get final degree. They are asking for same Degree / Provisional Certificate of the B.Sc degree examination. As you are still in final and thus you cannot get these documents, so i think your mark sheets will work, however please confirm the same with GITAM University before submitting the Application Form.