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vaibhav patil
gate score-496
do i have any chances in coepand vjti
as am from maharashtra do i have any chances in vnit nagpur under state reservations


DO I HAVE ANY CHANGES FOR GETTING ADMISSION IN NITs and which subject i should prefer for doing M-tech courses?
awating for your response thank you…


Why don’t people here help each other by suggesting others. Everyone is commenting as if this is official answering machine for GATE.

Wake Up! For whom you are waiting for? Help others and you will be helped automatically by someone.


@Venu_Gopal you have good score. you can get IIT Roorkee, IIT BHU, IIIT Jabalpur. Many NIT like Allahabad, Agartala, Bhopal, Calicut, Durgapur, Hamirpur, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Jamshedpur, Nagpur, Patna, Raipur, Silchar, Srinagar, Surat, Trichy and good Colleges like COEP, DTU

@rajeev_pal @parimal_sarage Score is bit low for CSE. You should apply in all possible state level intitutes and good private institutes. Also there is no harm in trying for NITs through CCMT.

@AMIT_ROY I am not sure about Durgapur, but you have many options.

@Sachhal_Das please let me know your category as well.

@Mon1234 yes you have changes of getting call from IIT Guwahati as well.

@anushek_singh You should be able to get many options in CCMT. Apart from these you can apply for top state and private college. Have you applied for IITs?

@Vaibhav_Patil please mention your stream.

@abhinav_srivastav your score is good…


my question is that will i get any nits for seeking admission ? @prabha


My gate Score : 572
Rank : 7651
Category: obc
Branch : MECH

Please Suggest me the college and branch accordingly…

Is there any chance to get Machine DEsign in IIEST Shibpur , NIT Jaipur, Calicut, Allahabad, IIIT jabalpur …


@abhinav_srivastav yes you have fair chances of getting nits

@Mayur_V_Misal your score is good. You have fair chances of getting admission.


my rank is 2600
which college can i get probably


@Chakri_K Please provide us the following details:

GATE Score
All India Rank / Category or Course specific rank


Gate 2015 score 605 rank 2600
is there any chance for DTU ?


Gate score:447
Category: Gen
Branch: MECH
gate rank:16339
what are the colleges should I apply for


GATE Score : 349
Category :SC
Stream : Mechanical

any chances at NITs?


@Chakri_K I think you have fair chances in DTU. However, also participate in CCMT to keep your options open. Your score is pretty good so most probably you will get into one of the good colleges.

@Vijaykanth_Reddy You may get NIT in last round. Please apply to at least three or four state colleges to keep your chances open.

@Sandeep_Kharat You could get NIT Agartala.

Pls check last year’s CCMT GATE Cut Offs to get a better idea of your chances of admission.


Gate 2015 score 318
Cat. OBC
Branch_ Mathematics
AIR - 956

But i have 57.6% in M.Sc. mathematics.

Any chance in NIT ?


Category - Gen
Branch - ME
Marks - 45.93
Score - 489
Rank - 13069

My friends have got IIT Madras with 3300 rank (63marks) and IIT Kanpur with 5000 rank (60 marks) both belong to gen category.

Can I expect NIT or good state colleges like COE, Pune and PEC, Chandigarh??

Where I should apply??


what are the top 10 nit’s for mtech in civil engineering?



My GATE 2015 details are as follows:
Score: 428
Category: GEN
Branch: CSE
AIR: 7341
With these stats what college should I apply?
Please suggest me some good M.Tech. colleges in Delhi/NCR, Pune.
Also please advise If there is any chance to get admission in IGDTUW Delhi?

Sulbha Singh


My GATE 2015 performance is as below.

GATE Score - 329
All India Rank - 16297,
Branch - CSE
GATE Marks - 23.25
Category - OBC

which colleges can i get admission into please reply


@sheraz_ali_shah you should apply in your state collegs and other good private colleges for M.Tech

@Sulbha_Singh First of all you should not miss the CCMT allotment. Its difficut to get good college through CCMT, however you should keep trying till spot round.

Delhi / NCR: IIITD, NSIT, DTU, JMI. Apart from these if you go for private colleges you can apply in ITM Gurgaon, Amity, Galgotias.

Pune: COEP, IISR, Sinhgad, Symbiosis, Dy Patil, MIT, BVP and AIT

I am not aware of IGDTU cut offs, you can try.



  • NIT Agartala
  • MNNIT Allahabad
  • MANIT Bhopal
  • NIT Calicut
  • NIT Durgapur
  • NIT Hamirpur
  • MNIT Jaipur
  • NIT Jamshedpur
  • NIT Kurukshetra
  • VNIT Nagpur

Note that these are not arranged rank wise

@RajatGarg Yes you can get admission if you have not specific banch to select. You can get COPE cut offs at their official website: I am not sure about PEC cut offs.

@Purushotam_Mahla Little difficult, but keep trying till spot round.