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Please tell last year cut off of MS (research) in Civil Engineering from IIT Delhi
and also detail about this course.
It might be preferred or not???
OBC category

  1. GATE Score-384
  2. All India Rank - 8454
  3. Category - OBC
  4. Stream - Civil

Where should I get admission?

  1. GATE Score - 335,
  2. Branch - Mechanical
  3. Category - SC.

Can I get admission into COEP or VJTI? Is VJTI better college than COEP when compared to faculty and placements?


@ekta Is there any chance of getting admission in PDPU, gandhinagar.


@Mohit_Dubey When it comes to the top colleges, placements are more or less the same. DTU being in Delhi has a slight advantage over NIT Jaipur for more exposure.

@syrius I am afraid, chances of admission in the good NITs is slightly less. Have you applied to any state colleges / other colleges yet?

@kiranvpti Yes, you have pretty good chances in the IITs going by your rank. By now you should have applied to all the relevant IITs that offer your specialization. Like I said earlier, you should at least apply as you have a good rank. In NIT Trichy, Electrical & Electronics Engineering (ET) closed at around 710 last year. You could get by third round I think. By drop in scores, I mean that overall students have scored less than last year in most papers. Rank is higher than last year for the same score.

@mayank_Sharma In the first or second round you can get NIT Jalandhar, Hamirpur and perhaps Surat also. In the later rounds, chances of getting the higher ranked NITs may increase.

@Sandeep_S_Menon You may get NIT Agartala. However, I would also advice you to apply to few other colleges, and also smartly select colleges in the preference list during CSAB.

@Mon1234 Going by last year’s closing scores, you could NIT Surat, NIT Rourkela, MANIT Bhopal by third round. Please have a look at CSAB’s reservation policies carefully and make sure you are eligible for ST reservation in these colleges.

@Abir_Khanna In NIT Jalandhar, the closing score was around 605 last year (you can have a look at CCMT Cut Off 2014 for NIT Jalandhar) Round 4 is unpredictable, so can’t say about that.

@kalyani_mounika You may get NIT Jalandhar, NIT Hamirpur around the third round. Please have a look at all the cut offs here - CCMT Cut Off 2014.

@Nitin_Thorat Please tell your category.

@Aditya_Sharma I am afraid cut off for VLSI in NITs is high. Apart from CSAB, you should also apply to other colleges. Have you filled the form for any other college yet?


@Syam_Sanal While deciding the college, you should consider the following points.

  • All India Ranking - If ranking of the particular college is not available by any leading magazine like Outlook / Times, check UGC rating.
  • Past year recruitment details.
  • Faculty profile of the specialization you are going for - In the college / University website, generally faculty details are given. See which professor has more research papers, and better credibility.
  • Fees

Between NIT Nagaland and Kerala University, maybe Kerala University would be better in terms of future opportunities due to location and exposure of state. However, your parents’ opinion in this matter is also right that NITs have a better brand value. Please consider faculty profile, and research opportunities carefully before taking the decision.


@coffebyte_Chary I am afraid, chances of admission in the good NITs is slightly less. Have you applied to any state colleges / other colleges yet?

@warlock2204 You may get NIT Agartal by third round. Fourth round is often unpredictable so can’t say definitely what will happen there. Have you applied to any other college yet?

@Sandeep_Singh1 Last year’s IIT Delhi cut off are given here - IIT Delhi GATE Cut Off for M.Tech Admission

@Pradeep_Kothawade Chances in the top NITs is a little low. Please check last year cut offs to analyse your chances - GATE Cut Offs

@mindhy_girish I am afraid, chances of admission in the good NITs is slightly less. Have you applied to any state colleges / other colleges yet?


1.GATE Score-399

i want to know which best colleges i can get with these marks,do i still have a slightest possibility of gettting IIT’s and NIT’s?


Gate score- 436
Branch- chemical
Rank- 1475
Category- obc

Plz suggest me IIT or NITs…
Thank you

  1. Gate marks - 39.39
  2. GATE Score - 524
  3. AIR - 3490
  4. Branch - CS
  5. Category - General


Gate Marks-31.4
Gate score - 428
category -OBC
is there any chance of getting NITs…if yes mention some.


Gate Score-678
Gate rank-883
Can I get any good IIT


GATE Score-540
All India Rank
Please tell me in which good colleges I can get thermal or design?


1.Gate marks - 46.61
2.Gate score-496
do i have any chances in ism dhanbad,nits?


All India Rank-11280
Can i get admission in good college or university near Punjab.


@om_kumar suggests not to join ISM for M.Tech based on his own experience. Students interested in taking admission in ISM Dhanbad should read this once and ask queries if any directly to OM


my gate score : 648
rank : 1752
marks: 49.06
branch: ECE
which colleges can I get and please mention preference order if possible.Is my score good enough for top nits or should i drop?


@Sarvesh_Singh Could you please tell your category? If general, then the following options seem feasible for you in CCMT 2015.

NIT KKR, NIT Durgapur, NIT Hamirpur.

I would not suggest dropping a year, unless your ultimate dreams and aspirations are related to only research work in the field. If your ultimate aim is to seek a good job, it is better to join this year. Your score is above average, and most of the NITs are well reputed. Let me know if you have any specific field choice, and what your aim after two / three years is.


thnx for your valuable suggestion…my category is general…i have no idea whether nit’s that will b available at my rank will be good in placement or not…ma’am the nit’s u suggested, are these good for placement point of view??


@anwesha Gate Marks-31.4
Gate score - 428
category -OBC
is there any chance of getting NITs…? please reply…