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@Sandeep_Singh1 In NIT Warangal, Civil Engineering (Programme - EV) closed at 522 last year in the fourth round. NIT Trichy’s Civil Engineering closed at 520-550 in the first two rounds. You can get NIT Rourkela, in round 1 / 2. Cut offs for Structural Engineering is slightly higher. There are high chances of getting the top 5 NITs in third or fourth round.
IITs - Civil engineering closed at around 500 last year in IIT Delhi and Bombay (see here IIT GATE Cut Offs). You have good chances.

@LAKSHMAN_Reddy You have chances of getting in NIT KKR. What’s your AIR?

@Shilpa_Sarkar IIT Delhi’s Biotechnology/Biochemical Engineering closes at around 490, so you have pretty good chances. IIT Kharagpur cut off was slightly higher, around 560 last year. Either ways, your chances seem good in IITs! Do apply to all the relevant IITs and also sign up for CCMT as and when it starts.

@Subhasis_Panigrahy You can get NIT Trichy in the first two rounds. The top NITs (like Warangal, and Surathkal), you may get by round 3 / 4. Apart from that, you can also get NIT KKR, MNIT Jaipur.

@Prateek_Singhal You can get NIT Rourkela by second or third round. IIT Delhi Biomedical / Biotechnology closes at around 490 I suppose, though chances are good in both Delhi and Bombay. Do apply to the relevant IITs as you have good chances.

@Thulasendra_Chowdary You could get NIT Warangal, Trichy, and Surathkal by second or third round.

@Murtz786 DAIICT and Nirma are both good colleges. Can’t say exactly as official cut offs are not available, however, looking at your AIR, chances seem good.

@ajay88 Chances are a little less in the NITs by third round. The final round is often unpredictable, so there could be chances. Have you applied to any state / private colleges yet?

@nabajit711 Your AIR is good, but ECE is a very competitive branch and cut offs go quite high. ISM Dhanbad and IIIT H are very good options, but can’t predict about them accurately as official cut offs are not available. Spot admission - I would suggest that you do participate. Many students don’t participate and miss out an opportunity.

@Kiran_Rastogi Official cut off data is not available in terms of score / AIR for DTU and NSIT, so can’t predict accurately. However, if you are considering DTU, and NSIT, I would suggest you to also apply for IGDTUW (formerly IGIT), and IIIT Delhi (if they offer your spec / branch).


@Siva_Swarna My apologies! You will be qualify the cut off, in my opinion, for IIt Delhi, IIT Bombay (cut offs released for IIT B are given below), and IIT Kharagpur.

IIT Bombay Minimum Qualifying GATE Score/Qualifying Discipline GATE Score for the Year 2015-16 For Teaching Assistantship (TA) Category - Civil Engineering Department

  • Transportation Systems Engineering - 550
  • Geotechnical Engineering - 550
  • Water Resources Engineering - 500
  • Structural Engineering - 600
  • Offshore Engineering - 500

Structural Engineering is the most sought after specialization in CE. Your AIR being 543, and looking at past year cut offs, chances seem bright for IITs. Best of luck for the further rounds of selection!


@ekta Thanks for the information. Are these colleges sufficient or should I apply for few more?


Hi Anwesha,

Thank you so much for the information, Which is the preferred IIT for Structural engineering can you please let me know the order? What will be the further rounds for getting into IIT if have the cutoff mark for a specific IIT.

Thanks in Advance!


is there any possibility of getting admission into DTU or any new IITs ??



Year 2014

  1. GATE Score : 572
  2. Rank: 5697
  3. Category : OBC
  4. Stream : ECE

Year 2015

  1. GATE Score : 546
  2. Rank: 4319
  3. Category : OBC
  4. Stream : ECE

Which colleges should I apply and which year’s gate parameter should I use?? Plz help.

  1. GATE Score : 580
  2. GATE Marks :
  3. Rank: 7294
  4. Category : General
  5. Stream : Mechanical

Will I make into the NITs? What location to accept that is new NITs or old NITs?I from Gujarat state so please suggest me some nits near by Gujarat state or neighbor hood of Gujarat?
Which college is also better in Gujarat for doing Mtech from mechanical field.

  1. GATE Score : 570
  2. GATE Marks :
  3. Rank: 2206
  4. Category : General
  5. Stream : Civil

Is there any chance of getting either transportation engg. or geotechnical engg. in any one of the NIT’s Surathkal,Tirichy, Calicut?

  1. GATE Score : 532
  2. GATE Marks :
  3. Rank: 10036
  4. Category : OBC
  5. Stream : Mechanical

How are my chances of NIT,CoEP,Delhi Engg. College? Pls help.


@nabajit711 I would suggest you to apply to more. Which states would you prefer to go to?

@Subhasis_Panigrahy In Delhi, you can apply to DTU and NSIT both. Can’t predict the chances accurately in new IITs of DTU / NSIT due to lack of official data. However, your AIR is good so there are some chances. Are you applying to any other colleges?

@Syam_Sanal Your score vs rank present a curious dilemma. While your score is higher last year, but AIR has improved significantly this year! Apparently, the overall scores are lower this year. However, chances in NITs seem a little less till third round. I would suggest you to apply to some other good colleges in the state. Which state do you belong to?

@mohit_kothari You could get NIT KKR, in the first two rounds. Insofar rankings, the older NITs fare better. So if you get the option, you may opt for the older NITs.

@Thulasendra_Chowdary The closing ranks in Round 1, Round 2, Round 3 last year respectively as follows.

  • NIT Surathkal Transportation Engg. - 629, 603, 599
  • NIT Surathkal Geotechnical Engg. - 655, 640, 640
  • NIT Trichy Transportation Engg. - 632, 621, 621

Considering that there are slight chances of the cut offs dropping this year, you have some chances of getting into these NITs in third round. However, I would suggest you to keep your options open.

@Sivasankara_Narayana Chances in the good NITS are less till third round. The final round is often unpredictable, so there could be chances. Have you applied to any state / private colleges yet?


Thank you.I am looking for DTU or COEP.How are my chances?Their PG admissions havent started yet.Could you please suggest me some good colleges in India for my score.

  1. GATE Score - 666
  2. AIR - 3668
  3. Branch - Mechanical
  4. Category - General

Please suggest me the best

  1. Gate marks - 39.39
  2. GATE Score - 524
  3. AIR - 3490
  4. Branch - CS
  5. Category - General


According to placement of M.Tech, which NITs are better ?

  1. GATE Score - 671
  2. AIR - 905
  3. Branch - EE
  4. Category - General

Any chances in IITs and NITs?

  1. GATE Score - 595
  2. AIR - 1904
  3. Branch - CS
  4. Category - SC

Can I get direct admission in any IIT or IISc?

  1. GATE Score - 445
  2. AIR - 5566
  3. Branch - Civil Engineering
  4. Category - General

Can I get structural or geotech in any NIT?

  1. GATE Score - 515
  2. AIR - 3737
  3. Branch -
  4. Category - General

Can I get admission at NIT Jalandhar?


gate score-660

Is there any chance for IIT’s??

  1. GATE Score - 647
  2. AIR - 1761
  3. Branch - ECE
  4. Category - General