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Gate score : 471
Air : 7191
Gate marks : 34.41
Stream : EXTC
Category: General :cry:
Plzz let me know where should I apply…plzzzz


GATE Score - 493
AIR - 11942
Category - General category
Branch - Mechanical Engineering
Is there any chance for NIT’s are any Universities and which specialisation can i choose it sir?


You have a good chance in NIT Silchar ( 1 round ) have you applied anywhere ?


GATE Score- 580
GATE Marks- 43.59
All India Rank-3459
Category- General
In which colleges should I apply?
Are there any chances for me?


Hi @Shubham_Pandey
You do have chances in NIT Agartala, NIT Durgapur, NIT Hamirpur, NIT Jamshedpur, NIT Manipur, NIT Patna, NIT Raipur, NIT Silchar, NIT Srinagar.

In NIT Surat, you may just get in through third round.

Please take a look at last year’s CCMT Cut Offs to get an idea. - Cut Offs of CCMT


GATE Score- 527
GATE Marks- 40.8
All India Rank-3270
Category- General
In which colleges should I apply?


Hello @Parvesh_Mamgain
You may get NIT Arunachal.

In second or third round you may get IIITDM Jabalpur, SLIET Longowal, NIT Manipur, NIT Meghalaya, NIT Nagaland,

There are also slight chances of getting CU Rajasthan, NIT Silchar.

Please take a look at last year’s CCMT Cut Offs to get an idea. - CCMT 2016 Cut Offs


gate score-651
branch -ec
category- general
what all can i expect at this rank. Is there any possibility of me getting interdiscplenary course at iit with this rank


Gate score 706
Rank 2859
Stream mechanical
Quota open

Will I get any major courses in nit or iit s
Pls help


Gate Score- 551
gate marks- 54.4
AIR- 267
Category- Gen
Branch- BT
Chances for admission in any IIT?


GATE Score - 423
AIR -9958
Category - General
Branch - ECE


Gate score- 585
AIR- 7748
Do I have an outside chance of iits mtech, or ms from iit?
Please tell if i have an option in new iits?
Also please tell about NIT?
And other state universities


GATE Score - 430
AIR -6738
Category - General
Branch - CSE

Can you tell me my chances in IITs , NITs, or good colleges in South India.


GATE score-416
GATE marks-35.10
Stream-Civil engineering
Can i get admission in nit for mtech in environmental engineering.? Which nits and iits should i apply?


GATE Score : 615
Rank: 1617
Category : General
Stream : CSE

What are my chances of getting IIT’s & NIT’s . Should I fill the forms of top iit’s?


My GATE 2017 Mechanical score is 641. AIR- 5166, general category, Can i get or MS in IITs in aerospace or mechanical branch? Suggest me my possibilities. I would like to pursue in aerodynamics/propulsion in aerospace or Thermal and Fluids in Mechanical. Applied mechanics will also be ok.


I have scored 641 in GATE 2017 mechanical. AIR- 5166, general category. Suggest me IITs, NITs, and other colleges for or MS in mechanical or aerospace


my gate score 606
rank 2948
category OBC
civil engg
will I get IITs for mtech? if yes which ones are likely


Please guide me through this. :slight_smile: thanks in advance.


Gate score 500
Gate marks 43
Gate rank 6400
Civil engineering
Any iit or nit pls help