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Want to know possibility of getting admission through GATE for session 2017-2018? We can help you to find out the list of possible college where you can get admission through your GATE Score.

Please provide us the following details:

  1. GATE Score
  2. GATE Marks
  3. All India Rank / Category or Course specific rank
  4. Category
  5. Stream

After GATE 2017

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If you have confusion where to apply, here is a suggestions based on GATE Rank

If you are GATE qualified candidates, make sure you apply to institutes for which the cutoffs are expected to be above as well as below your marks. Applying to more colleges increases your chances as there are high chances that you will get the seat in 2nd or 3rd sliding due to candidates opting for PSUs or moving up.

Some IITs have a lower cutoff for first screening, post which they conduct a test and interview to further screen applicants.

IIT / NIT admission
Please give some suggestion
Mtech admission
  1. GATE Score - 432
  2. AIR -
  3. Category - General
  4. Branch - CSE

Please suggest me if I am eligible to admission in any NIT’s or Central Universities through GATE. Also please clear my one doubt that if I take admission in any college through my GATE score than whether i can get stipend or not.

  1. GATE Score - 538
  2. AIR -
  3. Category - General
  4. Branch - Computer Science and Information Technology


@Gitesh_kumar_Jha I am afraid that at this score, admission in top NITs is a bit difficult (you can go through last year’s cut offs here - CCMT 2014 cut offs). However, this is only a preliminary analysis, and it is yet to be determined how different this year’s results have been. If the overall scores have gone down, then cut offs will go lower, and vice versa.

Regarding Central Universities, only Central Universities of Tamil Nadu, and Kerala have announced course wise details. More details of Central Universities admissions will be given shortly. Are you looking at any specific CU?

@AKSHAY Your score is good, but going by last year’s cut offs till round 2 and 3, chances are a little less in the good NITs. But like I have mentioned to Gitesh, this is a preliminary analysis, and a lot depends on the overall scores / performance of other students. Wait a while to get the final analysis.

  1. GATE Score - 706
  2. AIR - 6195
  3. Category - General
  4. Branch - CS

I want to know can I get admission to any IIT? Are there any IIT for direct admission? Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. GATE Score - 428
  2. AIR - 6195
  3. Category - General category
  4. Branch - Civil Engineering

Is there any chance for NIT’s?

  1. GATE Score - 432
  2. AIR -
  3. Category - General
  4. Branch - ME

Please suggest me if I am eligible to admission in any NIT’s or Central Universities through GATE. Also please clear my one doubt that if I take admission in any college through my GATE score than whether I can get stipend or not.

  1. GATE Score - 474
  2. AIR - 1045
  3. Category - SC
  4. Branch -

What should I expect with this rank? Please suggest.


@surbhi Excellent score! Pretty good chances for admission in IIT Kanpur, Guwahati. Though chances in Bombay or Delhi are a little less, but at your score, I would strongly suggest that you apply to all the IITs. Direct admission, I believe is not possible unless you have B.Tech degree from one of the IITs. Best of luck! Don’t forget to update us where all you have applied!

@Mahesh_Reddy Going by last year’s CCMT cut offs (you can [check here][1]), you may get NIT Hamirpur, Silchar in the fourth round. To be on the safer side, it is advisable that you also apply to good engineering colleges in your state as well. Could you please tell which state you are from, and which other states you are willing to go to? Also, pls tell if you have interest any specific specialization.


@mobashir In the first three rounds of CCMT, getting any of the good NITs seem tough. I think you should apply to some of the good state colleges. CUCET details are yet to be announced completely. Which state’s CU are you specifically looking at?

@Tushar_Saha Please tell the stream / branch.


Admission to M.Tech is on the basis of GATE score or All India Rank (AIR)?

My GATE score is 642, and AIR is 3043 (ECE) in GATE 2015. I am from general category. What are my chances this year?

  1. GATE Score - 642
  2. AIR - 3043
  3. Category - General
  4. Branch - ECE


@anwesha thanku so much :slight_smile: should I apply to new iits also? Or try for better nits?


@surbhi Don’t take chances, apply to all the IITs, and fill in preference in all good NITs in CCMT. Even in the new IITs, I believe opportunities are equally good.

Of course, the preference can be like this Top 5 IITs > Top 5 NITs > next 5 IITs > Next 5 NITs > Rest of the IITs > Rest of the NITs.


@Ketan_Gupta The better the score, the better the AIR! NIT and IIT cut offs are listed officially as GATE scores, so college predictions are done on the basis of GATE score. AIR is to get an idea of how good or bad the score stands with respect to other scores in a particular year. In a nutshell, it is the AIR that matters, but it depends on the score.

Going by last year’s cut offs, you may probably get NIT Patna, Silchar, Srinagar. Apart from participating in CCMT, you can also apply to good engineering colleges in state, or reputed private colleges. In last year’s counselling, which NITs were you allotted?


Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: Your advice will help me a lot. Many new IITs don’t have CSE I guess.


@ekta Currently, I am doing M.Tech from DAIICT. In last CCMT I got NIT Agartala’s VLSI. This time I am thinking of spot round in NITs.


@surbhi IIT Hyderabad offers CSE.

IIT Jodhpur offers the following

  • M. Tech in Center for Energy
  • M. Tech in Center for Information and Communication Technologies
  • M. Tech in Center for Systems Science

IIT Mandi does not have CSE, IIT Ropar and Indore offer PhD. The M.Tech / PhD admission notifications are being announced in each IIT this week. Do have a look at each admission announcement carefully before applying.


@Ketan_Gupta Spot round is a possibility, yes. Though in my opinion, do not shift from DAIICT unless you get one of the top 5 NITs. You are studying in one of the good engineering colleges, and your specialization is quite in demand. Are you facing any problems at DAIICT? How is the course going so far?


Wow! You have much knowledge. Ya sure I will check to it. But point of view is, I am thinking of preferring NITs over IIT Patna, Gandhinagar, Jodhpur and Indore.


@surbhi :slight_smile: Glad to help you! However you must confirm once before you decide to apply or not apply in any of the IITs. Regarding NITs vs IITs, Top NITs > New IITs is a wise choice.