GATE 2015 Extra Payment Refund



While applying online for GATE 2015 i made payment 3 times. First two time it was not accepted but money was deducted from my bank account.

I have received one refund yesterday on 14 Nov 2014, but still other extra payment is due. When will GATE refund remaining extra payment?


The latest notification on GATE website says

Lists of refund cases have been sent to SBI and Axis Banks on 10th October and 27th October 2014. Those banks have started making the refund. Since we have extended the last date for refund till 24th October 2014, we could reconcile all payments only after that and make the refund.

We have received updates from some GATE candidates that their payments have been refunded. I think the banks are processing the refunds one by one so it may take a little time. Please be patient. In case you want to, you can also get in touch with your zonal IIT. (Zonal IIT means the IIT in which city you have given first exam city preference).


IIT KGP may not respond or pick the phone. Here is another solution for this problem.

Contact BILL DESK, third party B/W IIT KNP Biller and Applicant. You just send email to Bill desk with your transaction REF NO. They will reply back soon.

Or Call the customer care, near to your city, ask their email id, sent your complaint and transaction ref no, they will reply within hours.


The bill desk solutions is faster. One of my friend tried it and he got refund in 4-5 days!