Gap Year Certificate / Affidavit & Its Format


Sometimes students drop one or more years for entrance exam preparation. Some of the students join a institute but go for better options next year. When such students take admission in any university or college they are asked for GAP Year Certificate or GAP Year Affidavit.

What it is? What is the format? Where to get?

These are very common questions asked by the students regarding the Gap Year Certificate. Here i have provided the overview about this Affidavit and its formats.

Gap Year Certificate / Affidavit

The Gap Affidavit to be given on stamp paper duly notarized stating that during the said period the candidate did not join any other course in any statutory University / Institute. In case, candidate had joined any College / University after
HSC / 10+2 Examination then the candidate should submit Migration Certificate of that particular College/University.

Gap Year Certificate Format

Generally you get a basic format in Admission Information Brochure of the college you are taking admission. If so you have to use the given format only.

If there is no prescribed format given by your college you can simply go to the notary and ask for ‘Gap year affidavit’. They already have prescribed format. They will ask you some basic details and provide you the same.


If you want to prepare your own content here are few exams. Please note that these are only sample formats and need editing as per your requirements.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4


Most of the Institutes provide their own format which can be downloaded from their website or is available in the prospectus.


Is this eligible for 2 years back logs student. passed after 2 years then 1 year gap taken. Now he again parsuing proffessional courses. Does he eligible for scholorship.


GAP Year Certificate or Affidavit is required only when asked by the organization / institute for their Admission / Other Selection Process. Most of the time the format is available in the Handbook / Information Brochure, however if its not available candidate may use the general format. Please specify the exam / even you are applying for where you require the certificate and so that we can provide you specific information.


hello sir, I need your help…I have been droped from my polytechnic so now I dont want to give my first year from same polytechic…so I want to join new polytechnic and on another field so can I can able to join