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I have a doubted. Actually what to write in year of passing class 12th, because I am giving improvement exam for class 12th in 2015 after passing class 12th in 2014. I have also appeared for AIPMT 2014. So what will be the year of passing class 12th? What should I write in AIPMT 2015 Application Form?

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This information is not mentioned in the AIPMT 2015 Information Brochure. We are trying to contact CBSE AIPMT to resolve your query. But why are giving improvement exam? Marks of class 12th is not considerd in AIPMT Merit list.


I think you have to write 2014 as you passed in 2014. In all exams where improvement cases are also considered they also take passing year as 2014 and improvement year as 2015. But for AIPMT there is no provision for improvement marks and you have to submit you previous mark sheet and certificates only so your passing year would be 2014.


Thank you so much! This proved to be very helpful to me and now for all exams. This will help me in every future preferences, as this cleared my confusion completely :slight_smile:


What should be the qualification code for those who are giving AIPMT after 2 years of giving +2 exam in AIPMT Online Form Filling?


Please visit your AIPMT facilitation centre, because No clear information mentioned regarding qualification code in AIPMT brochure.


Code 02 is applicable for all those candidates who passed from any school following standard 10+2 examination pattern like CBSE board.

If you are not a student of CBSE board or similar board, please refer to the information given for various types of courses given and select your code.

There is no effect of year of passing if you are eligibility as per other eligibility criteria.


I am appearing for Class 12th in 2015 but in the form it is asking for 12th percentage and keeping the box empty the form is not continuing for the next step. What to do?


@Prabha_Fairfex Please check other fields in your application form and ensure that you have not done any mistake while filling your online application, because if you choose your qualifying 12th examination year as 2015, 12th % box will be automatically empty and you can proceed further.


Actually I tried two to three times but it is saying the same. Ok, I will see to it. Thank you.


@Prabha_Fairfex I agree to what @shabana mentioned. If you are filling all other details properly (specially exam code and other educational details) it will deactivate the percentage box and allow you to proceed.

Also if this problem persists after verifying all details, please check your internet connectivity or browser settings. Try on different & faster internet or try in different browser which does not block general scripts. It may be possible that while filling the form the browser is not able to communicate with the AIPMT server to fetch further information.


In the information of “qualifying examination” what code should be entered when the candidate is studying in class 12 and appearing 1st time for the exam?


If you are appearing for your Class 12 exam in 2015 and result will come in 2015, you have to select Code 01


Hi there!
I wanted to know what exactly is qualifying examination and what to fill in the fields regarding the same like in the “Details of Marks of Qualifying Exams” and especially the Qualifying Examination Codes. I am appearing in AIPMT second time. I have passed 12th class in March 2014.
Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Qualifying examination is Class 12th or equivalent examination you need to pass to be eligible for AIPMT. Code 02 is applicable for all those candidates who passed from any school following standard 10+2 examination pattern like CBSE board.


I have dropped a year and again appearing for aipmt in 2015 and completed my +2 in 2014 what is my qualifications code? Is it 02 or 03?


Code 02 is applicable for all those candidates who passed from any school following standard 10+2 examination pattern like CBSE board.

Code 03 is applicable for all those candidate who passed from any school following the Intermediate / Pre-degree Examination System


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I did my +2 from Punjab School Education Board but I fill qualification code for aipmt 02 was that right